Why I don’t take medication

I took the brave step of coming off antidepressants once and for all to face my demons.


Dear Santa

Twenty-year-old woman writes letter to Santa and publishes it online.

It’s Okay To Take A Break

Taking that break away from everything and putting it all on pause really gave me a new insight into life.

Christmas Tag

I was tagged to do the Christmas Tag by Girl Enters a few days ago. I answer twelve festive questions as well as nominate some of my favourite bloggers to complete it.

Today, I am depressed

I needed a rant, so here it is. Mental health is a daily struggle for me and the past few weeks have been intense, causing me to have high anxiety. I’ve been feeling extremely low and just needed to let it all out.

Breaking the Stigma

There is a strong stigma associated with mental health, almost like it’s taboo and we must remain silent. It’s extremely difficult to deal with mental health and many people experience at least one mental illness throughout their lives, the most common being anxiety which can quickly lead to depression.

Law School Blog #1: Deadlines, Drained and Dreaming

Second year, so far, has been hectic. Not only do I already have three assignments due within the next month but the reading is a lot more intense than first year. Lucky for me, I’ve managed to find the perfect study books…

How I stay productive

We’re all guilty of losing concentration while we are supposed to be working. Picking up your phone to quickly ‘check’ it can easily turn into hours of scrolling…