Are periods taboo?

I recently stumbled across a video discussing whether periods are taboo or not, and found that 54% of women are embarrassed to talk about their period, so I decided to share my opinion on the matter.
Personally, I have never felt embarrassed for having my period and I highly doubt I ever will. I grew up in a family where women were the majority, my own household having three females and one male, so getting my period was never something I felt ashamed of. If I’m feeling ill or in a mood, I am open to my friends and tell that it’s due to my period that I feel the way I feel. I don’t go around shouting from the rooftops that the red river is flowing but, if I am asked, I’ll simply tell the truth. Why shouldn’t I?
Periods are a natural thing, one of the most natural things in the entire world. Without them, we wouldn’t be here today. Many years ago, sex had the same sort of taboo as periods do, we were so afraid to talk about our sex lives and now, millions talk openly about it. Why? Because it is a natural thing.
I do believe that women feel embarrassed due to the reaction they get when telling people they are on their period. Men get uncomfortable at the mention of it, causing women to feel awkward and, eventually, reinforcing them to not mention it with the belief that it is a disgusting thing. I strongly feel as though women only get embarrassed due to the reaction their receive from men, if this were not the case, we would feel more comfortable talking about it.
A lot of discussions revolve around this topic on social media and, like always, the majority of the comments are from males, stating that it is gross and we shouldn’t talk about our periods. I do like it when men think their opinion on my bodily functions matters to me. I don’t comment on theirs so why is it okay for them to do it to me?
What do you think? Are periods taboo? Do you get embarrassed to talk about them?



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  1. 🌹V.O.L says:

    Touché. Without periods we wouldn’t be able to procreate 🤷🏾‍♀️. Same as you, I don’t see the embarrassment behind it. But I believe it’s cus I think I’m slightly open minded.

    There are some families (like mine) that when you have your period you’re simply given a packet of pads. That’s it.. from there onwards you figure it out on your own. So basically I feel like some parents don’t properly guide their daughters during this transition phase.. nor do they really talk about it with them. Leading to them seeing it as taboo or a cause of embarrassment. But really… it isn’t. It’s just part of being a woman😕

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    1. athomewithhannahblog says:

      Exactly! I remember health at school was quite good, but that was only a day of learning about periods and such, over the years I learnt more about it plus I got a book 🙂


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