Reflecting on my first year at university

I’m about to enter my second year at university and, before I do that, I decided it would be a good idea to share with you all my experience so far.
I moved approximately seventy miles away from home for uni and, as someone who had only been away from home for school trips, it was a very nerve-racking experience. The thought of being so far away from everyone I know and love was daunting, but I managed to pull through.
I am studying law at university in England and, although your first year doesn’t count towards your degree, it builds a solid foundation for the rest of your university studies and I was determined to work as hard as possible. Many of my fellow students were happy to settle with a simple pass grade, however, I am very serious about my education and, as a young woman, I wish to be as successful as I can.
My parents dropped me down on a Saturday and didn’t stay for long as I wanted to get settled in myself. I advise you if you can, to unpack yourself as it’ll allow you to decorate your room the way you want and it’ll be a lot easier on yourself then. It was a tearful goodbye as I was unsure when I’d be seeing my parents and younger sister again but I ended up visiting the weekend after, the last time I’d go home for another three months for the Christmas holidays.
Freshers week came and went. As someone who didn’t drink before attending university, the entire week was a bit of a blur. I made a lot of friends and got to know my flatmates a bit more. I went out a fair bit and, luckily, avoided freshers’ flu as I had been taking my multivitamins for the past six months.
My first semester was full of partying and, much to my surprise, I didn’t spend as much time studying as I had originally planned. I still attended classes and handed my assignments in, getting no lower than a 2.2 all year which I was pleased with. I was out meeting new people almost every week and was thoroughly enjoying life. Before university, I was a wallflower. Actually, that’s an understatement. I was the shyest person you’d meet. I was very closed off and liked spending a lot of time alone, something I still do, but now I much prefer being in the company of other people.
After Christmas, I returned for semester two and that was when the real work started. I had assignments every few weeks and, albeit stressed, still managed to pass everything. I didn’t go out as much as I did in semester one, purely because the workload for myself and my friends was increasing on a daily basis. As we approached the end of the semester, it was time for me to bid farewell to a few friends who wouldn’t be returning for exams as their courses were assignment based. I won’t be seeing them until September and I am extremely excited.
My Easter holidays were spent studying as I had four exams plus an assignment over the course of three weeks, meaning there was a lot of work. I tried not to feel too overwhelmed with it all.
The hard work really began when I returned to university for my third and final semester. Exam season. I came back a week early to get settled back into my usual routine and, lucky for me, a few friends did too so I could see them on my breaks. The majority of my time was spent in the library studying hard, I admit a lot of it was last minute revision the night before the exam, but thankfully I passed the year without failing a single thing.
University, for me, has already been the best experience of my life. I have met people from all over the globe, listened to incredible stories of things my fellow students have gone through, tried new things, and laughed harder than I ever have. University has given me the confidence and the skills to go out into the world alone. Living away from home for university truly is something that students need to consider, as it’ll open up a lot of doors, give you plenty of freedom, and slowly ease you into adulthood.
My second year is going to be a lot more difficult than the first, but I am fully determined to pass with a solid 2.1. For those of you who have attending, are attending, or are about to attend university, leave a comment below sharing your experience, thoughts, and worries as September slowly approaches.





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  1. Good luck in your second year! Your first year sounds like a lot of fun – and an excellent opportunity to grow.

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    1. athomewithhannahblog says:

      Thank you! 🙂


  2. Exam season was always the most stressful for me too! Good luck with second year!

    Emily xx

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  3. Emily says:

    I’m about to leave for my first year at uni also doing law! I can totally relate to this! I’m so nervous about leaving home! It’s good to get some insight into how the year pans out and I’m hoping my first year goes as well as yours did!! X

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