Life goals

I’ve been thinking a lot about my life goals over the past few months, especially as I am turning twenty-one next year. I decided to construct a list of my biggest goals in life and, hopefully, they will all be completed within the next ten years.
Learn a new language
I’d love to speak French. I know the very basics and sometimes find myself slipping into French mid-conversation. Learning a language will definitely help exercise my brain.
Get a book published
Ever since I was young, I loved to write. Writing allows me to explore other worlds and use my imagination to create characters whom, I hope, will be loved by a wide audience. Writing runs in my family as my mum and sister also enjoy it.
Travel the world
I have never been abroad and have high hopes to travel the world, mainly America and Asia. I’d love to experience new cultures and visit new places, it is something I’d be happy to share with all my readers when I get the chance to go.
I’ve recently finished my first year of law and did extremely well. I am looking forwards to the next two years of university after which, hopefully, I’ll graduate with a 2.1 or higher. I then wish to do my L.L.M before heading out into the world of work.
Have my own home
Living away from home is very expensive, which is why I’m starting to save money for my future now. I have hopes of living in a flat before buying my first house, allowing me to then be able to rent the flat out as a second source of income.
Learn to drive
I’ve already made plans to learn to drive next summer, something I’ve put off as there is no point driving while I’m at university as there is nowhere to park.
Have a successful blog
Blogging is not only a way to have another source of income for me, but it’s also something I am extremely passionate about. I love to create content for you all, meet new people, and allow my voice to be heard. I feel as though having a successful blog will be something I’d be extremely proud of.
Inner peace
As someone who battles anxiety, I practice meditation to try and accomplish inner peace and happiness with myself. I hope that, eventually, I’ll be a happier person.




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