Best apps for bloggers

There are a number of different websites that allow you to build your blog but, for my blog, I love WordPress. I tried a few beforehand and found this to be the easiest. I found downloading this app to be important so I can check my blog on the go, as well as write blog ideas to save in drafts, then edit later on my MacBook.
I don’t use Bloglovin much but, looking through Twitter, a lot of bloggers do. It allows you to follow all your favourite blogs and keep up-to-date with new posts in one little app.
I used Pinterest long before I started my blog as it helped me with my studies. I like to create my own boards for study tips, easy recipes, beauty, and fashion, as well as homeware. It’s also a great app to use for blogging tips. Whenever I need inspiration as to what to post, I go onto Pinterest and look for ideas as to what to post on my blog.
Probably my favourite app at the moment. Twitter is where I connect with all my readers as well as meet other bloggers and read their blogs. Twitter is a great way to expand your audience and, after being on Twitter for a month, I have almost 400 followers already.
I seem to have neglected my Instagram slightly over the past few weeks due to having two accounts, one for my blog and my personal life. I use my personal one daily, however, love using Instagram for blog inspiration too.
Photo Editor
I think using a Photo Editor app is important for both blogs and Instagram, as these can ensure your pictures are of high quality and, if you have a theme, you can edit them to fit your theme.


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