Top 8 Fashion Pieces

Dustin denim jacket

I own quite a few denim jackets, mostly Levi and Lee jackets, but this has got to be my favorite. It’s a lovely light jacket that goes well with anything, I dress it down with black jeans and white converse.
White converse
Can’t go wrong with a pair of white converse. I wear this almost every day as they are comfortable, cute and practical.
Black crop top
You can dress these up or down. I have three black crop tops. One has small sleeves, the other has slightly longer sleeves showing slight cleavage, and the third is a long sleeve turtle neck.
Black boots


I only just bought these boots today but I AM IN LOVE! I absolutely love these cute little booties and own a few other pairs but these are already my favorites.
I bought a hoodie with my university logo on it and it’s one of my most worn pieces. It’s very comfortable and soft, it looks great with jeans and a pair of flats for a cute, casual look.
Leather jacket
I got my leather jacket for my eighteenth birthday two years ago and wear it a lot, usually when I’m headed to the pub with my friends.
Black cross skirt

This cute little skirt was bought a few years ago from Missguided. It falls just about my knees, perfect for going out. I adore the design.
High waisted jeans
I love high waisted jeans! I have quite a few pairs and wear them daily. I love tucking in jumpers and wearing a belt with them. They go with anything and can be dressed up or down.






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