Late night chat

I’ve decided to start this little segment on my blog where I just talk to you all. Let me know what you think.
It’s currently 10:40pm in the UK and I’m binge watching YouTube videos. I went out for dinner with my family which was nice and spent my day working with my dad.
I’ve been having problems with my skin lately as I’m due on my monthly so, like every month, my skin has broken out. I’m spending more time on my makeup each morning and have actually debated as to whether to go a day without makeup. I don’t think I’m brave enough to do that. There is a possibility of me posting a blog on this, listing the pros and cons, and I can do a follow-up. I feel more confident with makeup and, especially since my skin isn’t fantastic at the moment, I know I’ll feel self-conscious. Along with this, I have terrible cramps which always suck.
My blog is growing, slowly but surely, and I’m so grateful to everyone who follows and reads my content. It means a lot. I’ve been looking at doing a bit of shopping for a giveaway or two. I’ve already got a list of things I’m considering doing but I’d like to reach 100 followers before I do this.
Tomorrow is just going to be another chill day. I’ve got writing plans but am going to have a long sleep due to my busy day today.



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