University packing list

As someone who packed almost everything I’ve ever owned for my first year at university, I learned a lot about packing. Coming to the end of the year, I started to realize that I overpacked for uni, bringing things I thought I’d need but had no use for.
I asked you all on Twitter what you wanted to see, and one of my most requested posts is a packing list for university.
-Duvet. Make sure you know what size to get. In my first year my dorm had a single bed but, for my second year, my student house has double beds.
-Pillows. I recommend getting two or three, I personally took four as I like to have a lot of pillows near me when I sleep.
-Bedding. I purchased two sets of bedding as it’s always a good idea to have a spare set.
-Throw. I didn’t have a throw for my first year of university as we had heaters in our rooms and we didn’t have to pay extra to use them so, if I was cold, I usually just flicked it on.
-Electronics. I took my laptop, hair straighteners, hairdryer etc. Most university’s do a safety check with electronics.
-Stationary. What I loved about my dorm was that I had a huge desk for studying. Make sure you bring at least a full pencil case to university, with pens, pencils, ruler etc. Wilkos do notepads for less than £1 so stock up!
-Personal items. Most dorm rooms have giant cork boards. I made a huge collage of photos, had framed photos on my shelves, and brought a couple of cute little bears for extra decoration. I also had a few fake plants scattered around my dorm.
-Door stop. Very important item to have in order to socialize with your new flatmates.
-Desk mirror. I had a floor length mirror in my room as well as a large mirror in the bathroom but bought a desk mirror so I could do my makeup near the window.
-Books. This includes reading books and school books (if you already have them).
-Body towels x3
-Hand towels x2
-Bathmat. For inside the shower so you don’t slip.
-Floormat. For the floor.
-Tumblr. To hold toothbrush and toothpaste.
-Pots. I recommend getting three. A large, medium and small. These can be bought in sets from IKEA.
-Frying pan.
-Dishes. Again, IKEA does some cheap sets. Get 4 large plates, 4 little plates, and 4 bowls as you might invite friends over for dinner.
-Cutlery. Again, try and get 4 of each.
-Grater, peeler, bottle opener, can opener, sharp knife, scissors.
-Chopping board. I bought two.
-Measuring jug.
-Glass dish. I made a lot of pasta bakes.
-Flat tray and roasting tray.
-Tea towels. I got a pack of 4 for £2 from IKEA.
-Sponges and washing up liquid.
When you are sick…
-Hot water bottle. Can be used for period pain or for when you are feeling run down and want to warm up.
-Burn cream. I burnt my hand during freshers week and no one had any burn cream. Best to take some just in case…
-Antiseptic cream.
-Headache tablets. For hangovers.
-Cough drops. Freshers flu is deadly (I didn’t get it but my flatmate did)
-Vapour rub. This stuff is heavenly when you have a cold, so much so that I let my friend borrow it and never got it back.
-Tissues. Have spare tissues hidden away as you never know when you’ll need some.
Cleaning products
-Polish and cloth.
-Antibacterial wipes. I suggest cleaning everything before you unpack.




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  1. GirlMasked says:

    Great post, I enjoyed reading it! I’m hoping to start college in September.

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    1. Han says:

      Best of luck!

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      1. GirlMasked says:


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  2. I found this so interesting!! I will use this next year:)


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