Hair Routine


I have extremely thick hair that, when left natural, is a mixture of wavy and frizzy. I don’t embrace my natural hair as, although wavy hair sounds nice, mine is very uneven and curls more on one side than it does the other. I wash my hair once every two days, every day depending on whether it needs to be washed or not, otherwise, a spritz of dry shampoo will do. I have tried quite a few hair products in my time and decided to share with you the ones that have stuck.
Before I wash my hair, I generally brush through it quickly to remove any knots. This also helps get rid of any stray hairs as I wash my hair. I’m currently using the Herbal Essences Hello Hydration shampoo and conditioner, which helps keep my hair soft and hydrated.
After I rinse my hair, I dry it with a towel to squeeze away any water, leaving it damp. I apply some Argon Oil to help tame the frizz, leaving my hair smell nice and soft. As I apply heat to my hair, I use Superdrug’s own heat protectant spray which, surprising since I use it a lot, lasts a long time and is great for the price.
Depending on what I’m doing, sometimes I’ll leave my hair dry naturally, especially if I’m just chilling, other times I’ll dry it with my hairdryer, which I reviewed here. The dryer I use is the Tresemmé Dryer 2200.
For straighteners, I’ve used quite a few in the past but, a few years ago, decided to invest money into a decent pair. I use the Nicky Clarke straighteners which, although pretty expensive, are absolutely incredible. I only have to straighten my hair once and it’ll last until I next need to wash my hair.
For aftercare, I usually spray a bit of the V05 spray to give my hair a bit of volume. I then use the Pantene Pro-V Hairspray to settle my hair.



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