My body isn’t trending but I love it

I stumbled across an article on Facebook a few days ago stating that bralettes and small boobs were no longer trending, advising women to “put away the bralettes” as they aren’t deemed as attractive anymore so, naturally, I made sure to put my bralettes at the top of my laundry statement.
As someone who sits comfortably at an average 32D, I’m able to get away with wearing bralettes on occasion but tend to wear bras a lot more often as they give me more support. Upon reading this, I felt my blood boiling. Yet again, the media is trying to convince women that they are the all mighty and that, whatever they say, goes.
You see all these companies embracing all different body images when, in reality, that is not the case, for some at least. For me personally, I believe what makes a person beautiful is their mind and their heart. So long as they are healthy and happy with their body image, their confidence shines through and that’s what makes a good body. All bodies are beautiful to me.
Don’t go trying to change your body just because some new body is in trend. One minute plus-sized is deemed beautiful, the next people who are a little bigger are told that they need to get rid of that weight in order to have a beautiful body. Naturally, thin girls like me are being body shamed (YES, YOU CAN BODY SHAME THIN GIRLS!!!) and feel like we are less of a woman because we don’t possess curves. I’ve had enough of the media telling me I can only be a woman if I have curves, yet, then go on to say how all bodies are beautiful. They are contradicting themselves that, by doing so, influencing young girls to question their worth due to their appearance.
I also came across a video on YouTube a few years ago and it has stuck with me for a long time. A plus-sized woman was talking about how thinner women are easier to break and that she would “snap you like a twig”. This woman was absolutely beautiful and her body, though bigger than mine, was beautiful but because of the way she addressed slimmer women in such a negative way, she was nothing but a bully.
As women, we should be lifting each other up instead of dragging each other down. I constantly tell my friends, who all come in different shapes, that they are beautiful. There is too much hate in the world right now to make other people feel bad about themselves. I, personally, wouldn’t feel better about myself by making someone else feel inferior. That is such an evil, sick, twisted thing to do to someone.
As a twenty-year-old woman, my body has been spoken about a lot of times, both compliments, and insults. I’ve been told by friends that I have a beautiful body, by guys that I have a great body but sometimes I get the odd comment that I’m “not big enough” or that I’m “way too skinny”. I have a small build, so what? It’s natural for me. My body isn’t here to please other people, sorry to disappoint you.
We all have different bodies so, instead of changing your body to suit the impossible standards of the media, change your mindset and embrace your body. No matter how big, small, tall, thin you are, you are absolutely beautiful just the way you are.


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  1. laurenellen says:

    Such an amazing post! Loved reading it💕💕

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