Brow tutorial

I decided that it was time to share a quick and easy little brow tutorial for all of you because who don’t want amazing brows? Whenever I am in a rush to leave, I always make sure I at least do my brows as my natural brows don’t grow and are a light brown colour. I like to fill them into creating natural looking arches that are a tad darker than their usual colour.
For those of you starting out on brows, I decided to share a little knowledge with you all in hopes that your quest for the perfect brows is successful!
There are hundreds of brow brands out there that all come in different formats. Some people like to use a pencil to fill their brows in, whereas others opt in for a powder or even a gel to quickly run through.
I am currently using the Collection Eyebrow Kit in the shade Brunette. It comes with three different shades, though I always use the middle one, as well as a little double ended applicator and a gel. This kit is very cheap, I purchased it for only £3 at Superdrug and it is extremely long lasting, though I need to buy another gel.
Before you do your brows, I recommend you do any face makeup beforehand. Some people do it after but it is entirely up to you. I do it before as I don’t want to get a foundation in my brows and, if any powder falls on my face, I can simply brush it away. The products that I recommend you have are tweezers, your kit, a gel, an applicator, a concealer, a highlight, a primer, and some powder.
Step 1: Prime your brows.
Step 2: 
Use your brush to comb through your brows (Use tweezers if necessary to get rid of any stray hairs.).
Step 3: 
Using your brow applicator, brush it gently through the product and draw a light line underneath your brow, stopping at where you want it to curve. Then, draw a line above the brow, bringing it down to where your eyebrow will end. This creates a shape for your brows.
Step 4: Fill in. Using your applicator with light strokes, sweep up on the brow keeping within the lines. I start at the centre of the brow and bring it down towards the end, leaving the starting point for last.
Step 5: Once I am satisfied with my brows, I’ll brush it through with the gel to set the powder. Sometimes, if it is too dark on one side, I’ll use my eyebrow comb to brush away any excess powder.
Step 6: You can leave your brows here if you prefer but I like to use a bit of concealer just to “sharpen” my brows. I use just a bit of concealer around the brows to make them stand out, before going in with a bit of face powder and dusting the area.
Step 7: Depending on my mood, I might use a bit of highlight underneath my brows to give them even more of a lift.
On the topic of brows, I’m in search of a new product to try. I’m going to purchase a new brow applicator as mine has been used so much it no longer gives me the desired look. I’m tempted to give brow pencils a try, so let me know in the comments if you have any recommendations.



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  1. loved reading that! i do eyebrows first so that if i mess them up i can take them off and start again without ruining my face makeup xx

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  2. Jade Mayhead says:

    Totally in love with this powder, I am always using it. I try others but always go back to this one, because I love it so much xo

    Liked by 1 person

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