Morning routine

University starts at the end of September and I am extremely excited to go back. I’m moving into my new house very soon so, with all the hype of university, I decided to share my morning routine with you all.
Depending on when my classes are, I tend to wake up at different times each day but always set an alarm as I don’t like sleeping in. Usually, I’ll wake up at around 9, especially if I have no classes that day as I like to get up early to do my work so I have the whole evening free.
Once I wake up, I stay in bed for a while on my phone, talking to friends and making plans for the day. I get up after a while and make breakfast, usually just a cup of tea as I can’t stomach food too early in the morning but maybe just a few slices of toast if I need energy for class or even a breakfast bar. I have breakfast in my room so I can set up my laptop and organise what work I have to complete for the day. I have a cute little to-do list I bought from Wilkos which I use to set out my work.
After I do this, I get washed and dressed, putting on a bit of makeup as I don’t like to slouch around in my pyjamas all day when I’m working. Before I study, I like to go for a quick little walk to stretch my legs and get some air, maybe with a friend or two if they are available.
When I get back from my walk, I grab a cold glass of water and some study snacks (apple and peanut butter is my go to) and get settled down for a morning of study.





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  1. Chloe Lauren says:

    Tea makes every morning, afternoon and evening great haha! 🙂

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    1. Han says:

      I’m a complete tea addict!


      1. How do you like your tea? For me it’s gotta have two sugars!

        Liked by 1 person

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