Making a house a home

As you all know, I’m moving into my student house for my second year at university very soon and, over the past week or so, have been going around buying things I’ll be needing to settle into my new home. I also did a blog post a few weeks back on university essentials, things that everyone needs to bring to uni, so be sure to check that out!
As I am moving into accommodation that isn’t managed by my university, I’ve had to check to make sure that I’m allowed to hang things up in my new bedroom, so be sure to double check if you are unsure otherwise you could get in trouble!
I absolutely love homeware items and thought I’d share little things I’ve purchased to ensure that my bedroom is lovely and homely. I’ll be spending the majority of my time in my room (studying, sleeping, hanging with friends etc), so I’d like to make it as cosy as possible!
I’ve been looking for bedding for ages now and couldn’t decide what kind of bedding I wanted. My new bedroom has white walls with a tan carpet so I thought I wanted something a bit more colourful but ended up settling for some lovely clean looking bed spreads. I recommend getting two sets so you can change your bedding as soon as you pop one in the wash. I went to Asda, Matalan, Primark, Wilkos etc and couldn’t find any, finally picking up two cute sets from Ikea and Dunelm. The set I got from Ikea (the blue patterned one) cost around £25 as it is a Kingsize and, from Dunelm, I managed to get the cute black/white/grey print for only £10!

I cleared this with my landlord earlier, and he is allowing me to hang a tapestry using command strips in my bedroom which I am super excited about. I decorated my bedroom at home a few months back and bought a lovely black and white tapestry which fit perfectly with the minimalistic theme I have going on. For my uni bedroom, I’ve decided on a lovely dark navy tapestry with salmon accents. I think that’ll add some well-needed colour into my little room.
Fairy lights
Honestly, who doesn’t love fairy lights? I absolutely adore these little lights and bought my current ones from Ikea for only £3. Last year in my dorm, I bought some pink ones from Primark for only £1.50 and, although I loved them, I’ll be sticking with white lights this year for a cleaner look. This little lights really tie a room together in my opinion.
I tend to stick to fake plants for room decor as they are a lot easier and last, well, forever really. I have two thin white vases with pink flowers which were a gift, as well as a glass vase from B&Q with lovely purple and white flowers in my bedroom at home, which definitely add random pops of colour in my room. I also have a little cactus I bought last week that I am loving. I’m keeping an eye out for a few for my new bedroom.

A collage of photos can add a homey feel to any room. For my second year, I’m planning a collage of photos of inspirational quotes to put above my desk to keep me motivated during exam time. I use white tac rather than blue tac, as I find it holds a lot better and, to remove any excess tac that gets stuck to the wall, you simply need to roll another bit over it and there you go! It leaves no marks!
Since I have a double bed this year (I’ve spent my life in singles and am very excited for this), I’m on the hunt for decorative cushions that’ll go with both my bed sets. I’m still unsure what kind of print will do this, possibly black and white, so please send in some suggestions.
There you guys go, six easy ways to make a university room a lot homier. With these tips, you’ll find that you have settled down into your student house a lot quicker than you expected. Leave me a comment below telling me what you do to make a house a home.


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  1. Great post! Primark does really affordable and cute homeware. xx

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  2. Aw, it sounds like it’ll look lovely!x

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