How I deal with anxiety

Anxiety is a term that seems to be thrown around a lot and not used correctly, creating a negative stigma for those of us who actually suffer from the condition. Anxiety is a mental disorder that affects a lot of people, causing symptoms of unease, worry, and fear.
I’ve been diagnosed with anxiety and depression by three different doctors over the past few years and, no matter how much medication I tried, nothing seemed to work.
Then I discovered mindfulness.
Mindfulness is growing in popularity and is an attitude as well as a practice to give you a fresh perspective on situations. I often do breathing exercises to calm myself down, shifting my attention from a panicked state to my core, calming me down in minutes.
I picked up a helpful little book called Mindfulness on the Go: Peace in Your Pocket which taught me all about mindfulness and found it a useful tool in my journey to getting over my anxiety.
As well as mindfulness, I found that Yoga was a great way to release negative energy from my body and be a more positive person. There are a number of videos on YouTube that help beginners learn Yoga. One of my favorite channels to watch is Yoga With Adriene . If you are interested in Yoga, you’ll need a decent Yoga mat as it’s a lot more comfortable to do Yoga on a mat rather than the floor or blanket. It’s a great investment and extremely cheap to buy. I bought mine from Amazon for £13 and use it for workouts, as well as Yoga. It comes with a little travel bag so, if you decide to join a Yoga class or merely want to move outside, you can!
Moving away from physical activity, when I’m feeling rather anxious, I take Kalms herbal tablets. These are made of natural ingredients which naturally helps calm you down whenever you are feeling anxious. Kalms also offer night time tablets which, although I haven’t used them, my friend has told me they have helped her drift off to sleep when she is having trouble relaxing at the end of a long day.
Comment below what you do to calm yourself down when your anxiety is playing up. Share your tips and tricks below!


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  1. thethoughtscroll says:

    I agree with all your tips here, mindfulness works wonders! I find even just closing my eyes and concentrating on my breathing can make a difference when I get overwhelmed with worry. Also walking. Going for a power walk round the block helps me so much if I’m preparing to do something or go somewhere that makes me nervous. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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    1. Han says:

      I love taking walks too! They are so calming! As for mindfulness, I recommend that book! It helped me so much 🙂 xx

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  2. thethoughtscroll says:

    I’ll check it out! 🙂 xx

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  3. DGGYST says:

    This completely motivates me to get back into my yoga practice, thank you !


  4. Hi Hannah, I would also invite you to visit my blog as I write about these kinds of issues also and would be available to answer your questions anytime. (I am a psyc NP). I’ve been practicing yoga for about 13 years- always important to call it a practice! I always reinforce this with my patients – it’s the progress that’s important not the outcome other than a better sense of self and calmness. I love the Ap “Simple Habit” which provides free Mindfulness activities and I just love quietly watching the circle load and move- I don’t even listen to the sound most of the time! And you can set reminders. It’s wonderful to do at bedtime especially! My blog is also using WordPress. Namaste my new friend!


  5. Another tip I would heartily recommend is that you try taking Garden of Life Mood probiotic. This product helps your gastro system absorb the vitamins you need for your brain to be healthy. For the brain to produce Serotonin, the neurochemical that prevents depression and anxiety, it needs this specific vitamin L Methylfolate. This is a vitamin that can be easily added to your diet as a supplement, but many people inherit a genetic disposition towards depression and anxiety because they either don’t absorb this vitamin properly or metabolize it too quickly. The “symptom” of inadequate L methylfolate is a feeling of constant hunger and craving for sugar. Adding this probiotic is calming (it has ashwaganda root in it) as well as helps correct the underlying condition.
    There is also a specific medical food that your doctor can order for you called Deplin, and other products are also available for people who have this absorption problem.
    It’s also interesting that I’ve observed that people who tend to have low vitamin D levels, which is also known to be associated with depression symptoms, specifically low motivation and energy, those people with low D frequently also will have the B issue as well.
    Turns out what we thought was “all in your head” is really in your gut and that’s why the meds by themselves don’t work. I hope this is helpful for you!


  6. Thanks so much for sharing this. I suffer with anxiety and in terms of what helps..this does depend on how bad I feel, but the problem is when it gets really bad and leads to self loathing and depression which is a dark pit to get out of. I have done a bit of mindfulness but haven’t found many good resources up until now, and am not particularly keen on paying money for the headspace app. Do you have any ideas? I feel like i’d probably need some audio stuff, not books.

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    1. Han says:

      If you don’t want to pay, YouTube has a lot of great resources. It can be just listening to white noise and focusing on your breathing, it doesn’t have to be someone talking you through it. Whatever you are comfortable with.

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