Blogging goals for the rest of 2017

In today’s post, I’m going to be talking about what I hope to achieve with this blog for the rest of 2017. I posted a blog post earlier today titled “Why I starting blogging” if you want to have a read of that.
If you have already read that, you’ll know that I reached 100 followers on Saturday 19th August and 1,000 views the day before. I am so grateful to everyone who takes time to read my blog posts. This blog only started in June and I am so proud of how far it has come.
The next few months for my blog should be very excited, as I am moving back to university and, therefore, will have a lot more to blog about. I am looking forwards to more study blog posts, day-in-the-life posts, and just general lifestyle content about things I do.
My goal for the end of 2017, which is rather big of me, is to hit 300 followers on my little blog, as well as getting 1,000 followers on Twitter. In relation to my view count, I’m unsure as to what that’ll soar up to. It’s already almost doubled itself within the past week, so I’ll just have to see how that grows. I’m sure it’ll be over 5,000 by the end of the year!
As well as writing more content for you all, I’m also looking at turning this blog into a little business. I’d love to start earning money from this blog and, disclaimer, I would never sell out or promote what I don’t believe in.
Since I was younger, I’ve loved writing and I’m tempted to attempt to write a short story which, hopefully, will turn into an e-book for you all! This probably won’t happen by the end of the year, but I could possibly have a draft or two?
Thank you all so much again for the support and love. My blog is mainly on spreading love and positivity, promoting girl love and offering a helping hand to those who need it. I’m looking forwards to continuing this adventure with you all.


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  1. Good luck on reaching your goals! I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you and your blog! xo

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  2. sightswithhsite says:

    Awesome on reaching targets. For me it’s to keep growing. And getting my word out there.

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  3. Congrats on 100 followers!! Good luck with your goals, for me I’m trying to work on our followers. xx

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