Real Technique Brush Review

For today’s post, I’ve decided to share my opinion on the forever-famous Real Technique brushes! I own the powder brush, stippling brush and blush brush (in limited edition!), and have been using them for around a month and a half now, so a good old fashioned review is due!

Over the years I’ve tried many different brands of powder brushes, ranging from E.L.F to Superdrug’s own and, although all these brushes were brilliant, I found that after a few weeks the bristles would become extremely loose, especially after washing. I was looking for a decent priced brush that was sturdy and, upon entering the blogging community, I saw a lot of people raving about this brush and thought I’d pick one up.
This brush is beyond perfection. It’s not only extremely soft, but it doesn’t go hard like most brushes do after excessive use. As I use this every day, I desperately needed a brush to last as I can’t be raking out money whenever I need a new brush! This brush applies my powder wonderfully onto my skin. It can pick up quite a bit of powder, but once I shake the brush (never blow powder off as that can spread germs from your mouth to the brush!) I find it has just the right amount of powder left on.

I may cry. This brush changed my life…well, changed my makeup routine at least. Before this, I swore by the beauty blender for foundation purposes but my friend kept talking about this brush, so I eventually got it when Superdrug was doing a 2 for £15 on their Real Techniques Brushes (bargain, right?).
I apply a little foundation to my hand and dab the brush on lightly, then moving it up to my face where I apply it gently. This brush gives my foundation such a smooth and natural finish which, the beauty blender did, but without having to dab like a mad person for five minutes.
Don’t get me wrong, I still love my beauty blender but now its role in my daily makeup is to apply concealer.

I managed to get a limited edition Real Techniques blush brush for £5 in Savers about a month ago! I was at the till and immediately spotted them on the side, picking one up straight away! I should have really picked one up for my best friend but I was way too excited to think properly, especially since I was going to the theatre that night and now had a lovely new brush to try out!
Before this brush, I just used a standard little powder brush to apply my blush. Blush wasn’t something I used much of, mostly if I felt I looked a little washed. I now use this brush each time I put my blusher on. Like the powder brush, I find it can really hold a fair amount of powder to it, gently gliding it onto the skin won’t cause your cheeks to go insanely pink, but you can really control how much to add.



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  1. I have and use all 3 of these brushes on a regular basis. I love the powder and blush brushes and think the stippling brush does a great job evening things out when I go a wee bit too hard with the bronzer! xo

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  2. I don’t really wear eye shadow either x great review though x

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  3. Makeup & Beauty Blog says:

    i love real technique brushes! theyre super good for the price

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