Autumn Routine

I’ve spent the last hour or so trying to figure out how I’m going to balance studying, working (if I get this job), blogging, and my social life. I managed to construct a lovely little timetable for you all and, as an organization addict, I personally love looking into the routines of other people.
As a university student, I have a lot to focus on and, studying law, means a lot of my attention is solely dedicated to my studies. This semester I shall be balancing quite a few different things so, in preparation for that, built myself a detailed timetable to follow. I thought I’d share it with you all.
A little explanation for tutorials, for those of you who aren’t students, tutorials are hour long classes based on the previous week’s lecture. We get work to complete for this class and it gives you the opportunity to ask questions and get more detailed notes.

Monday (AKA my longest day)
wake up and get ready for the long day ahead
Employment Law tutorial
10-1 study in the library, complete any work for the week ahead including typing up                  notes and tutorial work, plus lunch
1-2 Human Rights tutorial
2-4 either continue working or, if finished, meet friends and relax
4-6 Property Law lecture
Monday’s will be dedicated to Property Law, so I’ll rewrite my notes from the                       lecture and complete the tutorial for the following week

Tuesday (AKA everything is back-to-back with no breaks)
pretty sure I deserve a little lie-in after that horrifically busy Monday. Lectures don’t          start till 1 so, if I need to do some work, I have a few hours to finish any uncompleted        work
Criminal Law lecture
3-4 Property Law tutorial
4-6 Human Rights lecture
Tuesday’s are focused on Human Rights. Again, I’ll rewrite my notes and complete my tutorial for next week. I’ll take the rest of the evening off and hang out with friends, as I get Wednesday’s off

Wednesday (AKA mid-week break (ish))
9 although it’s my day off, I always set alarms as I like to be up and about, rather than          sleeping in all day
Today I’ll write a post on my blog and, if I have time, schedule a few ahead of time. I usually don’t stick to schedules but, who knows, it could help out a lot this year.
As well as update day, Wednesday’s are focused on Criminal Law. This’ll take roughly an hour or so to do and, if I’m not doing anything or have a few bits to complete, gives me the opportunity to do some extra bits of work

Thursday (AKA last day of classes)
again, a 9 am start
12-1 Criminal Law lecture
1-4 as I have a three-hour break and, let’s see how long this’ll last, I’m attempting to                  spend all my breaks wisely, I’ll make sure all my work for next week is finished. If it          is, I’ll go meet up with friends for a late lunch
4-6 Employment Law lecture
Thursday is Employment Law study day so, I’ll finish notes and finish my tutorial work, and then take the rest of the evening off

Friday (AKA three day weekend)
wake up
Friday will be the final study day for me, the last chance to finish all my work so I get Saturday and Sunday off. I probably won’t have any work left so Friday will be clear for me. I’ll upload a second blog post and, if I get this job, work a few hours. There is always something to do on a Friday night, so it’ll give me the opportunity to hang out with my friends.

Saturday (AKA love me a Saturday)
up you get lazy
With no studying left, Saturday will be spent relaxing with friends and/or working. Saturday night, again, I’ll go out with friends.

Sunday (AKA what’s a rest day?)
I mean, you all know by now I’m getting up at 9
Again, possibly working, hanging out with friends and relaxing, preparing for the week ahead. I’m up early the next day, so want to be in bed by 11.

There we go, my little schedule for the next few months. I apologise if this was boring but, hopefully, it’ll inspire you to also plan your week. This way there is minimum stress and I already know, from looking at my timetable, the perfect times to study and what days I am free to see friends and go to work.




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  1. kaysblogs says:

    Great blog post, absolutely loved it 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  2. This really made me motivated to get into a routine and be able to balance my time better, particularly on how to fit in school work with blogging, fab post! x

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