Entering Year 13

As students all over the country started school again last week, I decided to have a guest post on my blog. Larissa is a close friend of mine and an incredible writer, be sure to check out her blog. Here is the wonderful post she kindly wrote for my blog.

My name is Larissa and I am from the blog lifeoflarissablog.wordpress.com and will be guest posting for the lovely Hannah.
I am going to be writing about my worries before Year 13 and how I’m going to try to maintain a positive mindset throughout the year.

Worries and how I am going to achieve my goals

Staying calm. 
I am going to be trying more natural, herbal cures in the next few months as I’m seeing a herbalist soon! I’m also looking into hypnotherapy as my dad knows someone who does it occasionally!!
I am going to try to work as hard as I can for my A-Levels but also have breaks too and give myself some treats to look forward to!
Improving my essay writing skills.
I improved my essays in classics so much in year 12 but I am a bit scared about getting up to year 13 standard! Lots of my teachers try to give us lots of advice about exam techniques and are always up for talking about essays or papers at lunch times.
I’m not sure if I’m the only one who finds the thought of submitting my UCAS form to be very daunting. It’s proving to be very difficult getting my personal statement right but it is coming along! The hardest part is making the paragraphs flow from each other and being able to describe why I want to do law!
Choosing the right uni and getting accepted.
I have chosen 3 universities I definitely want to apply to and I have 4 more to look around! It’s quite stressful as lots of the Universities for law have high entry requirements, most of the ones I like are AAA and some are A*AA but you can only try your best with A-Levels!
 Things have calmed down a bit with friends at school but some of my most supportive friends are moving to University down south which is upsetting. Some of my friends find it difficult to understand my anxiety, lots of people at my school are not open about mental health problems.
The thought of moving away from family.
It is daunting, as the longest I have ever been away from my family is about a week when I went away with friends from school. I am used to being around my brother and sister who are very loud so moving to University will definitely be a change!!  
School, in general, can make me feel anxious.
I am going to be running some clubs this year. 
I ran a club last year which I really enjoyed but I’m also running mun club this year which is slight intimidating!
Form time. 
I do not enjoy form time as there are some people in my form who make me feel uncomfortable. My school also give us lots of activities to do which also makes me anxious.
Feeling trapped. 
I do sometimes feel trapped at school. Although my school has some privileges for sixth form, I still feel trapped in school sometimes especially when we cannot leave in the afternoon until registration.
Larissa xox

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  1. You are a pleasure to work with lovely 💛🌻 xox

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  2. themonicaway says:

    love your blog! ❤

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