Versatile Blogger Award

The lovely Going With Happy nominated me for this award earlier, so go and check out her blog and give her lots of love!
The rules are as followed:
1) Thank the person that nominated you (Big, big thank you to Shannon!)
2) Share 7 facts about yourself
3) Display the Versatile Blogger Award logo somewhere in this post (is the featured image of the post)
4) Nominate up to 15 bloggers of your choice
5) Link your nominees and let them know so they can do this as well!

My seven facts
I am a complete and utter neat-freak. I absolutely hate mess as it stresses me out and causes me headaches. I can’t sleep unless my room is completely tidy! I also have to have perfectly organized notes and despise having to cross out words while I’m studying, it makes the pages look horrible!
I have three little fur babies. My dogs are my life and I love them to bits. They are Remus, Wednesday, and little baby Willow. I have a pillow with a photo of them printed on it that keeps me company at uni!
I absolutely love walking. My uni is surrounded by hills which make for the most perfect walks. I love to hike up hills to get a glorious view. Walking allows me to focus on positive energy and get rid of any negativity that is bugging me.
I am a lightweight. I love to go drinking with my friends, but I am a complete lightweight when it comes to alcohol. My preferred drink is anything with vodka as well as JagerBombs.
I am obsessed with fluffy socks. I have an entire drawer dedicated to fluffy socks (bed socks). I collect them and get given loads at Christmas because I am always wearing them. I only wear normal socks with my converse and tend to stick to fluffy socks whenever I can.
I want to be a lawyer as well as run a successful blog. For a while, I thought I had to pick one or the other, but why not do both? Becoming a lawyer is my main goal in life and blogging, though deemed useless by a lot of people, is such a great hobby and something I enjoy.
I have a huge guilty pleasure for classic Disney films. I’m not talking Cinderella here, I mean Princess Protection Program, Camp Rock etc. I also love the film Cyberbully and, after watching #RealityHigh on Netflix, loved that too!

My nominees



One Comment Add yours

  1. This was so interesting to read! Thanks for nominating me 💛🌻 I think it’s so wonderful how you have your ambition but also you want to make time for hobbies too xox

    Liked by 1 person

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