Law School Essentials


Looking through my recent blog posts, I can see that my blog is starting to mainly focus on law school. As I’m now entering my second year of law school, I expected this to be the case (pun intended).
The past few week has brought a lot of new students to my university, many of whom have spent the week getting drunk rather than preparing for the upcoming semester. As classes start on Monday for me, I decided to write about things that are an essential for all law students.
1) Planner
A planner will be your best friend while studying law. I’m not even kidding, I don’t know what I’d do without my planner. As someone balancing my studies with blogging, a part-time job, a social life, learning French, and meditation, my planner has been my Holy Grail. It allows me to see when I have lectures or work, allowing me to dedicate time to private study and my French, as well as when I have time to hang out with my friends. Once assignments and exams start, this will help you organise your time.
2) Headphones
For those late-night study sessions in the library, you know? You don’t want to be listening to your music out loud as, not only will that annoy other people, it’ll also disturb them. I love listening to ASMR study sessions while I’m working, as I find it greatly motivates me.
3) Travel Mug
Before law school, I wasn’t a huge fan of coffee but, during my first year, I found myself downing it by the bucket. Coffee, or even tea, is a must for those early morning lectures. I love bringing my travel mug with me to warm myself up on the short journey to campus, about a ten-minute walk from my current house.
4) Smart Clothes
At university, as part of your law degree, you will undertake a lot of practical assessments, including presentations, moots and negotiations. As well as formal events, you will be expected to dress in an appropriate manner. My go-to is a smart shirt with a pencil skirt, flat shoes, a black blazer, and a simple black bag.
5) Laptop and Case
During the first year, I wrote all my notes down as I didn’t want to carry my laptop to and from class, something I began to regret quickly. A laptop is a must for law school, as the amount of information being thrown at you makes it impossible to handwrite it all. A laptop will speed up your note taking ability, as well as allow you to have the presentation up on your screen so you can go back if you miss anything. I got a MacBookAir for my twentieth birthday so I will definitely be using it for my second year.
6) Notepads
Although I’m aiming not to write down my notes this year, notepads are a must for study sessions. I also use these to jot down any additional information I am given during tutorials, as well as use them to plan essays. Sometimes I don’t fancy typing up my notes, so notepads are essential.
7) Pencil Case
Stationary is, of course, a basic essential for students. I have four pen pots on my desk at the moment, as well as a pencil case that I carry around with me. I love pens so you don’t need as many as I do, but I personally enjoy stationary.
8) Highlighters
Go. Get. Highlighters. These will save your life during exam season, especially if you have to print off pages and pages of cases. You will be expected to keep track of certain quotes in cases and your books so highlighters are the best way to do this. I have five colours and each one has been assigned a certain thing.
9) Sticky Notes
If you can’t write in your textbooks, say if you have borrowed it from the library for a few weeks, use sticky notes to tab pages and shorten certain texts. I still have hundreds left over from last year as they were also great for essay preparation. I wrote little paragraphs on them and stuck them on my wall.
10) Desk
Most dorm rooms come equipt with a desk but, if you are living at home and don’t have a desk, I recommend getting one, even if it’s a tiny little one. This allows you to create a perfect little place to study. You need to make this area your own, have all your work in one place, and make sure it is comfortable with plenty of light. In my new house, my desk doesn’t have much natural light so I shall be buying myself a desk lamp.


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