Reasons to love Autumn

The majority of bloggers out there are with me when I say Autumn is the best time of year. There is something about the air that seems a lot fresher than usual, the beautiful colours of the leaves falling to the ground, crunching under your brand new boots as you walk. The darker mornings and the early nights, the cold weather, and just the general atmosphere.
I adore nature, even more so in Autumn. I love watching the bright green leaves fade into yellow, then into dark oranges and deep red. When I was younger, on my way to school every day with my mum and sister, we used to pick a tree each year and track its progress. I have many trees outside my bedroom window that I will be taking a track of this year and, as always, I suspect my Instagram will be full of pictures of leaves and trees.
Jumper weather
Not only do I love the weather itself, but I love what the weather brings. I love my jumpers, I’ve collected a lovely bunch of Autumnal jumpers over the past few months that I’m extremely excited to start wearing as October rolls in.
A rather weird one, I admit, but I love the fog, especially on early mornings. I love to walk out the door early in the morning, a coffee in one hand, and another holding onto a thick scarf around my neck. There is something beautiful about a misty, cold morning that makes me feel cosy.
Hot chocolate
I’m a strong believer that hot chocolate is for any time of year, however, Autumn seems to bring a strong craving for the chocolatey drink. Shops seem to bring out different flavours of hot chocolate and Starbucks are infamous for their Autumnal drinks.
Daylight saving time
The clocks go back an hour, meaning an extra hour in bed! Who doesn’t love this about Autumn?
Horror films
Quite a controversial one, but Autumn means Halloween, and Halloween means movie nights, and movie nights means horror films! I love to grab some snacks, get my friends, and watch a scary movie together! It’s a great way to relax and spend the evening, even if it gives me nightmares for the next few nights, it’s worth it!


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  1. Julia says:

    Yay for scary movie nights! Even though Halloween has passed I always look forward to a good movie night.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

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