Autumnal Outfits

As stated in my post yesterday, one reason why I love Autumn is for the clothes. I love wrapping myself up in thick jumpers, pairing it with a lovely little scarf and a nice coat. I love wearing cosy boots and fluffy socks, onesies to bed or even just thick, woolly jumpers.
For Autumn, I tend to put away the crop tops and stick with the jumpers. I pair these with a cute pair of jeans and either converse or boots, wrapping myself up to protect myself from the cold weather. The colours I have are more neutral colours, with a few deep reds, greens and even purples thrown in.
There are still a few little bits I’m looking to purchase for Autumn, including a pair of gloves, flat chelsea boots, and perhaps a new scarf or jumper.


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  1. simplykhloe says:

    I got the cutest and most perfect pair of flat chelsea boots in Pennesy / Primark for ten euro! x

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    1. Han says:

      Ooh, that sounds fab! I was in Primark today but didn’t have a proper look around. Are they good quality?x

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      1. simplykhloe says:

        They look it, but I haven’t worn them yet! x

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      2. Han says:

        Let me know!xx

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