BOURJOIS Rouge Velvet Lipstick Review

Superdrug were kind enough to send me some beautiful products on Friday to try out for you all, including all twelve of the Bourjois Rouge Velvet lipsticks. You can imagine my excitement when I received these stunning products. I decided to split them up into a few blog posts, as you know how much I love my organising, and these wonderful lipsticks deserve a post dedicated to themselves.
First off, I have to mention the pleasing packaging that these lipsticks come in. They are squared plastic cases with rounded edges, giving them a classy and sophisticated look for any makeup bag. They are very smart looking lipsticks that are perfect for young women, rather than young girls just getting into makeup.
Whenever I purchase a lipstick, I always smell it to see if there is any distinct fragrance to it. While they don’t have a strong smell to them, I caught a whiff of what reminded me of a candle which, while I didn’t mind, was rather unusual in my opinion for a lipstick.
These lipsticks glide on gently on the lips, needing only one light coat for a lovely pop of colour. They are smooth and buttery on the lips, mattifying into something that is comfortable and light enough to wear on a daily basis.
These lipsticks are sold at Superdrug for only £8.99 each, which I think is a really good price for the quality of these lipsticks. I tend to stick to around £6 when buying a lipstick, but these are extremely high-end lipsticks with regards to the actual lipstick and are priced ideally at an affordable price.
01 Hey Nude!
02 Flaming’rose
03 Hyppink Chic
04 Hip Hip Pink
05 Brique-à-brac
06 Abrico’dabra!
07 Joli carmin’ois
08 Rubi’s cute
09 Fuchsia botté
10 Magni-fig
11 Berry formidable11 Berry formidable
12 Brunette
With regards to these colours, as many collections do, it goes from nudes to pinks to reds and purples, starting very light and ending dark colours. My personal favourites are number 2 through to number 4. These are perfect neutral shades that are subtle enough for everyday looks but still give your lips a lovely colour. While number 1 is too light for my liking, for those girls who love a nude colour, it’s a nice little colour. Number 10, 11 and 12 are great for a night out. They are dark red and dark purple, which compliments any outfit.












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  1. If only I could get some free make up in the post :P. Thanks for sharing!


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