Superdrug Makeup Review

This post is the second and final instalment of my reviews of the beautiful package Superdrug kindly sent me on Friday, you can read the first one here, where I reviewed all twelve of the Bourjois Rouge Velvet lipsticks.
In this post, I will be reviewing Rimmel products, with one Bourjois product thrown in there. These products were all sent to me and, disclaimer, all opinions are completely honest and my own.
I can’t find the links for some of these products, so please do give them a search!

Rimmel Highlighting Palette
I have never tried a highlight before, so was very excited when I saw this little beauty in my package. Not only are the colours absolutely stunning, but they are extremely pigmented and last for hours at a time. Using the top shade on my brow bone and, if I’m feeling fancy, a little dash of gold on my cheekbones really completes my makeup look.

Rimmel Blush Palette
I love blush and, this palette, is probably my favourite blush. The colours, like the highlighting palette, are gorgeous and super pigmented. The top one is my favourite for a more subtle natural look, whereas the other two are perfect for a night out.
Rimmel Wonder Wing 001 Black
I haven’t used eyeliner in years and doubt I’ll start using it anytime soon but, as someone who had hundreds of eyeliners back in my mid-teens, I know this eyeliner will be perfect for anyone looking for one. The brush is perfectly pointed for those sharp wings and, while it smells faintly of permanent marker, a couple of coats are needed for a more defined look.
Rimmel Wonder’Fully Real
As most of you know, I swear by the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara and have yet to find a mascara like it. Although the Wonder’Fully Real mascara could never steal my heard like Lash Sensational did many years ago, I found it to be a really nice little mascara. It is super black, giving my lashes a gorgeous dark colour to them and, while it clumped up after a couple of coats, after one or two, it gave my lashes a lovely subtle look for a more natural wear. The downside to this mascara, as well as it clumping, is, even after wiping a bit of mascara of the brush, I found it to be extremely wet, taking a while to dry on my lashes. Overall, I will definitely be keeping hold of this mascara and giving it a few more tries before deciding whether to keep it. It could possibly end up in my October favourites…
Rimmel Lip Art 030 Blush Gold
Rimmel Rita Ora Oh My Gloss 820 Moonlight
I decided to review both of these together, as I found them to be rather unusual pieces of makeup. I’m guessing that these a part of a Halloween collection because, in my opinion, I am baffled why anyone would wear them on a usual day. The Blush Gold Lip Art was a beautiful colour, giving my lips a faint golden glitter to them but, for someone more interested in natural makeup looks, it wasn’t for me. The Moonlight Gloss was way too sticky for my liking. The colour, I’m guessing, means it is for Halloween looks, but it took ages to dry and didn’t last long at all.
Bourjois Miraculous Contour Universal Lip Liner and Primer
I used this before applying my lipstick and, not only did it allow my lipstick to glide on smoothly, it made sure that it lasted for a long time as well as caused it not to bleed. 100% will be adding this to my everyday makeup look. Updated routine anybody?


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