Why are girls so mean?

Throughout my twenty years on this planet, I’ve come across many people who are nothing but a bunch of mean girls. No, not the entertaining mean girls you see on TV that parade around in pink (only on Wednesday’s of course) and become friends, in the end, I’m talking about mean girls in reality. They are much, much worse.
As a young woman, I think it is extremely important for women to be kind and supportive of each other, to empower one another and to praise each other whenever we succeed something great. Some, nay, quite a lot, unfortunately, don’t seem to share the same values as I do.
You see, in my opinion, there is a distinct difference between saying or doing something mean and being mean. We are all perfectly capable of being horrible people, and sometimes we are. It’s inevitable, and only a few manage to go through life being perfectly friendly every minute of every day. See, I’m talking about the people who are just mean.
I’ve had issues in the past, and indeed I’m sure I’ll have them again, where I’ve been faced with dealing with a mean girl. How do you deal with them? How do you handle the situation that you are currently in? While I still don’t have a precise answer to this, I simply keep my chin up and try to remain as good a person as I possibly can.
Some out there hate seeing other women succeed, and that’s something that really bothers me. Jealously is a totally different thing and something we all suffer from, I admit I get jealous seeing other women achieving things, but I still congratulate them and tell them that I’m proud, as I love to see them succeed and think it’s extremely important for women to have goals and to reach them, especially in the male-dominated world we live in today.
Notice how I’m using girls and women to describe two completely different types of people here. I believe that these petty and disrespectful people are simply girls, little girls who live by childish beliefs that, upon making another’s life miserable, their’s, in turn, will improve. Real women boost each other up.
I don’t wish to compete with other women, nor do I want them to fail just to feel better about my successes. If I get jealous of their achievements, I’m not going to drag them down to feel good about myself. They’ll inspire me and motivate me to work harder, to work towards a goal.
The attitude of some girls, even girls my age, needs to change now. I’m tired of listening to mean remarks or get given snide looks for simply trying to achieve. Law school is an extremely harsh place that means you’ll be facing some horrific people, people you don’t even class to be human for they have no integrity and no morals what-so-ever.
It does make me extremely emotional even thinking about my own personal experiences with mean girls. I think, as women, we have enough to battle, don’t you?


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  1. Teri says:

    This is so true. I had to learn the hard way that I don’t have to keep so called “friends” around if they make mean comments and jealous staements. I used to have a lot of “friends” but now I just keep a couple of close ones who uplift me only. Surrounding yourself with supporters is key in my opinion. Those other girls, as you call them, I have boundaries with them and talk or see them sometimes. It’s hard kicking people out of your close circle but I had to do it for my own meantal wellbeing.

    Teri – MillennialAdulting.life

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