Law School Blog #1: Deadlines, Drained and Dreaming

Happy Saturday!
If you are following me on Twitter, you’ll know I recently hit 1,000 followers which I am extremely grateful for. These past few weeks, the support you guys have given me has been insane! You never fail to put a smile on my face and I appreciate everything you do for me.
I’ve come home for a week to get away from the hustle and bustle of uni life, which is great but can get rather draining at times. I had an unfortunate incident last week that resulted in me being taken to hospital in an ambulance, but fear not, I’m completely fine now.
Coming home is always nice, especially as it means I can see my adorable little dogs who I miss greatly while I’m away. It’s nice to have a break from lectures and partying, giving me an opportunity to close my eyes and rest.
Second year, so far, has been hectic. Not only do I already have three assignments due within the next month but the reading is a lot more intense than first year. Lucky for me, I’ve managed to find the perfect study books which are proving to be great aids in revision.
I attended a Law Fayre a few weeks ago, giving me the chance to talk to lecturers from other universities about my future. I’ve given a lot of thought as to what I want to do after I get my LLB and, while originally I wanted to do my LLM, I’m swaying more towards an LPC with an LLM incorporated into it. This’ll mean I’ll be a qualified solicitor but, as undecided as I am, it’s still early days and I have a while before I have to really think about what I want to do.
I’m enjoying blogging a lot, though there has been a lack of posts recently due to the fact that I’ve had hardly any time to sit here and write. I’m thinking little posts updating you all on my life would be a fun idea, though anyone who has me on Twitter knows what I’m doing every minute of every day!
In terms of content, I gave my blog a makeover which I absolutely adore and, thinking in terms of themes, I’m considering writing more law school posts for you all. I know many of you are here for the beauty posts, and I’ll still be writing them, but this blog provides an insight into my life and, as I’m a law student, it only makes sense but to post about my daily antics at uni.


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