It’s Okay To Take A Break

The media has been paying a lot of attention to mental health recently, the majority of the comments being negative, as there is still a very strong stigma attached to mental health. What I am writing about today is the idea of a mental health sick day and why, if possible, it is important for sufferers to occasionally let themselves have a break.

As a mental health sufferer myself, I understand that it can be draining, exhausting, and make you feel even more depressed as the days go by. I’ve spent the past few weeks at university studying daily for hours on end, realising that it got me nowhere in life. I was too tired to do anything and the idea of work 24/7 was extremely daunting.

So what did I do? I took a few days off.

Okay, I realise that not all of you can afford to take a few days off but surely, somewhere along the line, you can take one day off? I’m not talking about missing school/work, I’m talking about coming home and doing nothing. A mental health sick day could even be a morning, afternoon, evening or even just a few hours. This is such a fresh idea as it really will allow your body and mind to relax, rather than rush around and have all this negative and unwanted thoughts popping up. It’s your time to sit back and do absolutely nothing.

I took about three days off studying last week, mainly because I was sick and bed bound, but the time away from my work was refreshing and really helped pump a new flow of motivation through my body. I watched films, did a few facemasks, gave myself a pedicure, ate some ice cream, and caught up with well-needed sleep.

With personal issues, mental health, and university worries, I was struggling a lot to be happy and positive. Taking that break away from everything and putting it all on pause really gave me a new insight into life. The semester is almost over and, from now on, I am vowing to give myself at least one day off a week. A day to sit back and relax, focus on myself and my mind, as well as sleep. Yeah, I need that sleep.


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  1. Trula Marie says:

    I always liked when my Choir director in college would give us mental health days. A few of my criminal justice professors would do the same. They’d give us an out of class assignment and we just did that instead. I mean we still had to do it but we had a bit of extra time. It mainly only happened when our focus was off but they were nice breaks!

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    1. Han says:

      Such a good idea! More teachers need to realise that mental health is important and ensure that students are getting those all important breaks!


  2. thebrokenrobot says:

    Loved this post. I have been suffering a lot these days. I need to let things go and just take a mental sick day.

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  3. I hope things are going well💛 Keep on taking time for you honey xox

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