Beauty Things

As I am now in my twenties (internally cries), I decided that it was about time to share with you all four little beauty rules I swear by.
Take Off Your Makeup
We know the feeling all too well. Coming back home from a night out and looking at that warm bed that is so patiently waiting for you. The temptation to just collapse and fall asleep is strong but it is so important to take off your makeup before you do this. Leaving your makeup on is not only bad for your clean white sheets but terrible for your skin. I’ve heard many stories of women who gain severe acne due to never taking their makeup off at the end of the day.
I’ve always suffered from dry skin, swearing by any moisturising that leaves my skin feeling hydrated for more than a few hours and, until recently, I’ve started to moisturize my neck. I saw a YouTuber make a video on the importance of this and, honestly, I didn’t realise how important it was until I started doing it. Already I can foresee myself being a little old lady with the smoothest neck ever. My future wrinkle-free adult is thanking me. 
Clean Your Brushes
 Okay, so I’m a little bit of a hypocrite here as I have neglected my brushes for a few weeks now. I know a good clean is overdue but it really does take forever…not really. Cleaning your brushes is of utmost importance as it ensures that you are transferring no germs to your face. Another little tip regarding brushes is to keep them in a bag, rather than in a pot, as otherwise, you’ll find them collecting dust.
Foundation Isn’t Needed Every Day
I am blessed to have rather good skin, only really breaking out around my period, so I made the decision to remove foundation from my makeup routine entirely. I still have a fair few bottles (I’m a hoarder), but I save those for really bad skin days or whenever I’m going out. Concealer is my absolute best friend, perfect for when I only need a bit of coverage as it saves me drowning my pores.



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  1. Love this! Great to see a fellow Hannah doing well…✨✨

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  2. Lizzie says:

    Great post! I’m terrible at cleaning my brushes, I end up procrastinating so much! I’ve purchased one of those little brush eggs in the hope it’ll make it easier and spur me on to wash them more regularly! x

    Lizzie |

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