Happy New Year!

Can you believe that 2017 has already been and gone? Last years flew by but I am excited to get stuck into 2018 and see what the New Year is going to bring me. I’m expecting a more positive year filled with self-improvement and success.

Semester two of my second-year at university starts tomorrow, meaning it’s time to head back to uni to work hard. My Christmas holidays, if you follow my social, consisted mainly of working on the mountain of assignments that are all due within the next couple of days. I didn’t get the break I so desperately needed as it has been so hectic, hence why there has been a lack of blog posts over the past couple of weeks.

Aside from that, this week is looking to be a good one. I am looking forward to going back to uni and seeing all my friends, as well as starting the new term. Along with this, I was given the opportunity to collaborate with Flip Out, getting tickets to go and review the park next Sunday with a few of my closest friends. I am extremely excited for this as I have never been trampolining before but I am sure it’ll be a great experience.

I am going to write a separate blog post discussing all I am aiming to do this year but, for now, I can tell you all that I am eager to push myself out of my comfort zone and try new things. It’s hard to believe that I graduate from university next year so I am determined to make the rest of my time here count. I was going to write a separate post dedicated to all my resolutions this year, but I am awful at sticking to them so I thought I’d skip making them this year.