The London Outfit.

I went to London yesterday with my boyfriend and his family for a little day trip, so I decided to share with you all what I wore. Although it’s spring, the weather seems to be a bit hit and miss recently, yet, lucky for us, it was a lovely sunny day so I was able to wear a cute skirt that I only just bought. We went to Westfield for a bit of food, the Tate Museum, the Natural History Museum, then back to Westfield for some dinner then came back home.

I really loved wearing this skirt and am very tempted to purchase a few more for my summer wardrobe.Β 

I bought this (similar) adorable little denim skirt a few weeks ago and fell in love. I’ve never owned a denim skirt before, as I prefer wearing jeans, but I promised myself I’d step out of my comfort zone and try new things fashion-wise. It was a good fit, though I should have opted for a smaller size, but I paired it with a thin black belt and made the whole thing work.

Since it was still a little chilly out, I decided to wear some thick black tights and my black boots, giving off cute but casual vibes. I was extremely comfortable walking around London during the day and didn’t feel the cold at all.

I have so many striped tees, why am I not surprised that I ended up wearing one?Β 

If you follow me on Instagram , you’ll know that I have been LOVING striped tees recently. I have quite a few in my wardrobe (and in my ASOS wishlist) and have been wearing them whenever I can. I feel like they are a really easy item to wear and go with anything, adding dimension to any outfit. This cute little tee is one of my favourites.

My trusty Harrington jacket kept me warm throughout the day. Again, this is such a classic item and goes with anything. It’s a size too big for me but I love the oversized look. I ended up carrying it around with me most of the time.

As my most worn jacket, aside from my denim jacket, I’m tempted to get a little khaki bomber jacket. Thoughts?Β 

Accessories consisted of this adorable little watch (similar) from ASOS, a silver halo necklace, and my backpack, also from ASOS.

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