Dear Diary: Rambles and Cozy Vibes.

I thought I’d start this little series on my blog as a way to encourage myself to write more, updating you all on what I am doing and giving myself something to look back on in the future. I never really considered this blog to be an online journal like other people do, for me, it’s just a place where I can spread positivity and make my mark, but I guess I could consider it to be somewhat of a diary, especially now that I am going to start these weekly updates.

I’ve been studying a lot recently as I have my exams coming up in a few weeks. I’m not feeling too stressed out as I’m on track for a 2.1. Exam wise, I know the best thing for me to do is remain calm as I find I tend to fall down a spiral of nerves and anxiety. Speaking of, my anxiety has improved a lot recently, though I had a panic attack yesterday and ended up blacking out for a bit. I had a migraine for the rest of the day but powered through and still managed to get some work done. I’m not entirely sure whether I’m going to post my anxiety update like I said on Twitter due to what happened, but I still have it saved in my drafts so maybe in a few weeks I’ll upload it.

I had my first day at my new job Friday and I’ll be working for the rest of the week 9-1, then doing 7-11 shifts for the rest of the summer. It’s not too bad. I’m earning a fair amount of money and it’ll give me something to do during the holidays.

I’m looking forward to finishing the semester as it’ll give me more time to focus on my blog. I’m going to get myself a proper camera for my twenty-first birthday which is in June and I can’t wait to start taking photos of a higher quality but, for now, I guess my iPhone camera will do.

I’ve heard so many people going on about how good the Great British Bake Off is, and I never really sat down and gave myself a chance to watch it. Netflix recently released seven seasons so I am currently watching it while typing this. I’ve been working all morning so I decided to give myself an hour or so off just to relax and get back to writing. I went a bit quiet on the writing front for a few months but I’m happy to be back in the swing of things in terms of uploading new content.

I asked on Twitter a few days ago if any Hampshire bloggers would contact me regarding a meet up this summer. I thought, since I’m writing this, I’d ask again. If anyone lives in the Hampshire area in England, please drop me a message if you are at all interested in having a blogger meet up within the next few months. I’m trying hard to get more acquainted with my fellow bloggers as I find we form different friendships with each other as opposed to people who don’t blog. It’s a passion we all share and it’s important we encourage each other with our writing.

I’ll try my hardest to upload at some point this week as I have a few drafts of new posts but have yet to get around to taking photos and editing, but we will see.

Wishing you all a positive and happy week!

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  1. I’m so jealous you can be so chill about your exams! ahaha I always freak out about mine even if I’m confident. Good Luck!

    Lon x

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