The Importance Of Self-Care.

Self-care is important for both the body and the soul. Getting rid of any negative energy will allow you to feel a lot more positive, develop a healthy relationship with yourself, give yourself more energy to do the things you love, and give yourself a well-needed confidence boost. If you are anything like me, trying to maintain blogging with work, studying, and something that somewhat resembles a social life, you’ll often find yourself with absolutely no time to sit down and relax. You’ll keep pushing yourself, watching your energy levels decrease drastically, reassuring friends and family alike that you are fine, even though you spend all night tossing and turning, unable to switch your brain off.

As someone who suffers from anxiety, over the years I’ve learnt from both doctors and therapists, that I need to focus a lot more on self-care and looking after myself. It’s okay to have a busy life so long as you put aside time each day to take a breather. I’ve noticed that I try and rush through my self-care, not taking time to really enjoy what I’m doing and failing to be as attentive to myself as I’d like to be.


I work early mornings, leaving the house at half six Monday to Friday, so I don’t have time to have an in-depth morning routine. I finish around lunchtime, so I’m lucky to essentially have the rest of the day to sit back and chill. I like to keep myself busy, however, meaning I have chores and errands that need completing. This means I rush from one thing to the other, not giving myself a chance to breathe. When I do break, say, for lunch, I tend to go for the quickest option which is often some form of junk food. I’ve reached a point where I hate pumping unhealthy food into my body, and I’m really getting into cooking a lot more friendly meals. Taking an extra ten minutes a day to ensure that I’m getting the right supplements for my body is definitely paying off.

I am lucky enough to live in an incredibly beautiful city, moving from busy London to a lovely quaint environment. On a sunny day, my favourite thing to do is to go for a walk and enjoy nature. I usually grab my camera and meet a friend, find somewhere peaceful, and take some photos. It’s nice to get out of the house, sit in the sun and catch up with a close friend. It improves both my mood and my fitness, as I don’t have time for a workout but I’m still managing to stretch my legs for an hour or so.


Other ways to take care of yourself include having an hour to pamper yourself. After a hot shower, when I’m feeling rather anxious, I find doing a skin routine really makes me feel a lot more like myself. I do a little face mask, put some music on, and chill for a while. I also find that organising my makeup collection really helps relax me, even though it can be seen to be a job, it calms me down and allows me to focus on something I’m passionate about.

When I find that I’ve finished for the day, usually around 7/8, my favourite thing to do is to take off my makeup, get into comfy pyjamas after a nice shower, settle down with a cup of tea and a few cheeky biscuits, and watch either Netflix or YouTube on my laptop. This is something I can’t do during the day as I really don’t like chilling in bed as it makes me feel sleepy and, as I’m trying to stick to a sleep schedule, I don’t like taking naps unless I’m completely exhausted.

I push myself a lot in terms of work and what I am doing. I take on a lot more than necessary and, with that, comes a lot of unneeded stress. I used to feel really guilty for taking breaks but, as a twentysomething, I’ve realised that taking breaks are extremely important in terms of maintaining a balanced life. It’s okay to stop and rest for a little bit as it’s better than going until you crash.

How do you relax after a long day? Share your favourite self-care tips below.  

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  1. So glad I read this, I’ve been going through the same sort of feeling recently so I’ll be taking a leaf out of your book. You’re doing fab FYI, keep being you 💕

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  2. This is such a helpful post! I tend to keep myself so busy that I just keep going until the point I full on crash – which is never a fun experience! I really do need to try and settle a little time each day for me!x

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  3. The best thing personally for me is taking the time out of my day to go for a walk – even if it’s a short 10 minute walk, it improves my mood and mental health greatly. I love to listen to podcasts whilst I do so – would highly recommend! xx

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