How To: Instagram.

Instagram can be a pretty difficult one to get your head around, especially if you are a blogger trying to get your name out there. For me, all this blogging business is purely for pleasure since I love writing as it allows me to indulge into my more creative side. It should be no surprise then that I absolutely adore everything about Instagram. Well, almost everything.

I don’t believe there are any set rules to using Instagram. What started as a way to share photos with your loved ones has slowly grown into a large platform for influencers and businesses alike to further grow their audiences. You shouldn’t feel the need to have a perfectly clean theme or highly edited photos, and I am a strong believer in just posting whatever you feel like posting, though I’m quite hypocritical here as I’m currently trying my very best to stick to a theme but, hey, I’m not saying you should too. There is way too much unnecessary pressure out there to post literally only picture-perfect images.


I’ve heard so many bloggers recently complaining about the new Instagram algorithm. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, in short, it means that your feed is being altered to show photos that might be of interest to you, what the most popular posts are, and the photos of those you interact with more. I can’t get my head around it myself because surely your feed should be reflecting the most recent posts? I currently have over 1.1k followers on the ‘gram and my posts reach around only 80/90 likes. Whaaat? Come on Instagram, sort it out.

As stated above, my current theme seems to be reflecting a rather clean and minimal look with quite a lot of greenery thrown in. This best imitates my personality, as I love having things clean and keeping things simple in terms of both my fashion and my makeup. Less is more definitely suits my style. I’ve noticed categories of Instagrammers, ranging from fashion to foodie to fitness. I tend to stay away from the latter as I feel it creates an unnecessarily high standard as to how women should present themselves on Instagram and, while on the topic, if one more person emails me asking me to review weight loss pills, I’ll throw my phone out the window.


Since I’m already on the topic of Instagram and that lovely little rant is over, I thought it would be a good idea to share with you all how I take my Instagram photos, edit them etc. I use my trusty DSLR to take my shots. I used to use my iPhone 6s but, now I have a camera, it’ll be a bit silly if I didn’t use it, you know? The images are extremely clear and in focus, and I love playing around with the settings and experimenting with different styles. Once I’ve taken around a hundred or so pictures of the same thing, I send them all over to my phone and open the VSCO to edit the chosen image. I don’t like using filters as I feel this gives my photos a rather fake look. Instead, I adjust the brightness, contrast etc until I am satisfied.


So, this post probably was a little bit clickbaity (though not really when you think about it), and you’re not going to leave now knowing exactly how to be Instagram famous. If I had the secrets, I’d be Instagram famous myself and I’d DEFINITELY share them with all you lovely people so we could quit our jobs and spend the rest of our lives posing for pictures and eating expensive lunches. For now, I’ll just continue taking pictures of random items around my room and hope they look good.

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  1. My instagram likes have dropped but I have found my following count just keeps rising! I’m really enjoying the content I am putting out and I think that is the main thing. It’ll be a great way to continue practicing your photography on the camera!x

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