Dear Diary: Turning 21!

Hello hello!

If you are following me on Twitter and Instagram, you’ll know that I turned twenty-one last Wednesday. I spent a couple of days in Brighton with my boyfriend, as he had never been and I absolutely adore Brighton. I actually spent my seventh birthday there with my family, so it was lovely to go back and reminisce.

We booked to stay in a little Airbnb near the city centre which proved to be a good find, though we obviously spent most of our time our and about exploring Brighton. Our trip consisted mainly of eating, playing games on Brighton pier, taking lots of photos, exploring the lanes, and making memories!


We arrived early Tuesday morning, heading straight out to explore after dropping off our bags and charging our phones. Although it didn’t rain, the weather was pretty miserable but it was luckily still warm enough to go out. We ended up going straight to the pier and playing some games for a few hours before going to Nando’s for dinner then heading straight to bed.

Wednesday proved to bring the same weather-wise, but I woke up to lovely birthday messages and was eager to start the day. After showering and having breakfast, we headed out for an adventure. We started off at the pier then worked our way up towards town and the lanes. I tried bubble tea for the first time yet can’t say that I’m a huge fan. I had strawberry but I’m willing to try a few more before making my mind up. For my birthday dinner, we found a lovely little restaurant called Cafe Aldo. I ordered a DELICIOUS ham and pineapple pizza for only £9.50! If you are in Brighton, this place is near the train station and I highly recommend it.


Thursday brought blue skies and sun, perfect for our last few hours in Brighton. We had a final walk through town before heading to the marina, having a lovely lunch at GBK before heading back. My boyfriend got the train back home and I headed up to London to visit my parents, as I hadn’t seen them in three months and we had tickets for Legally Blonde the Musical the following Saturday which was absolutely brilliant!


It was really nice to have a couple of days away from the hustle and bustle of my usual life. I didn’t spend a lot of time on my phone, really taking it all in and focusing on having a good time. I had such an amazing birthday and am looking at going to Bath early September for another little get-away.


6 thoughts on “Dear Diary: Turning 21!

    1. Ooh I know, we went in there but didn’t order anything. We went to another little cafe which wasn’t as good but next time I’m definitely ordering myself a cake!

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  1. I love Brighton! My boyfriend lives there which makes me feel so lucky becauseI get to go all the time 🙂 I’m glad you had a great birthday celebrating by the seaside

    Lon x

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