Dear Diary: A Weekend At Home.

Last Thursday I went back to London to visit my family for the first time since March. After spending a few days in Brighton with my boyfriend for my 21st, I headed back home for a couple of days to chill and see everyone.

While visiting home, I got some good news from university telling me I had passed all my second-year exams. I was absolutely thrilled and extremely proud of myself. I worked so had this year and it paid off, though I’m going to have to work harder next year as the final year is always difficult. I definitely have the motivation for it!

On Saturday, I went to see Legally Blonde the Musical with my family. I bought tickets last September and have been looking forward to it for months now. I’m a huge fan of the musical as I’ve watched it on YouTube so many times, so seeing it live was an incredible experience. I was practically bouncing in my seat as we waited for it to start. I loved every single minute and am currently looking at booking tickets for Aladdin for Christmas.

I’m moving into my new flat in a few weeks so I’m going to be very busy sorting that out. I can’t promise that I’ll update often but I’ll try my very best, though I’ll always be active on Twitter and Instagram.



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