Dear Diary: New Job, New Flat and Lots of Sunshine.

I’ve neglected my blog a little bit over the past month or so owing to the fact that I started a new job a couple of weeks ago AND moved into my new flat, so I’ve been busy settling down and getting into a new routine. I am now working part-time as an admin assistant at an accountancy to try and save some pennies for my third and final year at university.

I am absolutely loving my new job and all the challenges it is bringing me. I have my own desk which I adore to organise, get on well with other members of the team, and never get bored as there is always so much to do. I’m currently working 9-5 Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday meaning I get a super long weekend which is always lovely. I’m earning quite a lot and, though most of it will go on rent, it’s getting me through the summer well. I get my timetable in a few weeks for my final year and I’m hoping I’ll have a decent timetable so I can keep working, though maybe only two days a week rather than three. This’ll mean I can put some more money away and start saving for the future.

This weather has been absolutely BAKING recently but I’m so glad it’s gotten a bit cooler. I’m not a big fan of extreme heat so it’s such a relief that it seems to be settling down a bit. I’m definitely more of a rain person as nothing beats wrapping up and taking a walk in the pouring rain while staying nice and warm and dry, but I’m weird that way.

I’m really excited to be going home on Sunday for a week which is promising to be a fun week. I’m going to see the Incredibles 2 with my sister which I’m actually really looking forward to. I went home for a couple of days in June but, before that, I haven’t actually been home properly since the beginning of March which seems like a lifetime ago! It’s always so nice to go back and visit, taking some chill time and just relaxing with my family and my three dogs. Living away from home isn’t as difficult as I thought it would be as I always keep myself busy but I do miss my family, especially when I’m stressed or feeling a little down.

August is fast approaching and I’m aiming to post a post a day in August, though let’s see how long that actually lasts. I’m so critical of my writing and always find myself in a writing slump, finding it difficult to sit there and write, especially when I’m lacking the motivation to do it. I’m hoping to start writing Sunday evening, getting posts ready and scheduled, though this means also having to edit and take photos which, again, I’m also EXTREMELY critical of. I’m not putting too much pressure on myself but I promise to try and get more content on here, as this blog is definitely looking a little on the empty side.


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  1. I feel the same way! I myself have been pretty busy lately with work and things, and there’s no energy left when I get home to do any writing. I’m also kind of picky with my topics and everything, and choosing the right photos, but I guess the important part is that we keep trying and creating content to share with everyone. 🙂

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