Should We Stop Talking About Our Achievements?

There seems to be a lot of debate surrounding the topic of achievements in the blogging world, whether or not we should talk about our achievements or keep them to ourselves in order to stop people turning green with envy. Most people seem to think that achievements are something to be celebrated and thoroughly enjoy scrolling through Twitter and seeing all the amazing things people are accomplishing. I love seeing the bloggers I follow graduating, moving into their first flat, getting brand deals and getting engaged, so it’s difficult for me to understand why some people don’t want to see that kind of thing.

For me personally, seeing people achieve something they’ve worked so hard for really motivates me to put my head down and get to work. I’m all for women supporting each other and raising them up, and the idea that some women think the opposite and try their very best to bring women down is honestly disgusting.

I’m aiming to achieve quite a lot over the next couple of years. I want to graduate with a 2.1 in my law degree, get a proper flat and officially move out of my parents’ house, decide what career I want, continue running my blog, and travel. I’m quite dependent on my followers in the sense that I use their accomplishments to give myself a boost of energy. If they can do it, why can’t I?

Jealously is a natural thing. We all feel it once in a while but we shouldn’t let it affect the way we respond to something. Say for instance a blogger you follow gets a brand deal she worked so hard for, would you unfollow her out of jealousy or tweet a heartfelt and sincere congratulations? The latter, I hope. I’ve seen bloggers tweeting that they’ve lost followers after achieving something and it really is sad that some people stoop so low as to ruin a person’s good mood.

I’d like to see more of you on Twitter and Instagram talking about your achievements, even if it’s something small like finally finishing that book or getting that A in your test. Everything should be shared as you are spreading positivity. If I’m having a bad day, seeing something like that will instantly lift my spirits as it reminds me that there is good in the world, in turn making me think of all I have achieved. Sometimes we are so blinded by what we want to have that we forget to sit back and appreciate what we already have. Go ahead and talk about what you have been up to. It’s the furthest thing from bragging and, if someone has a issue with that, it’s not your problem.



4 thoughts on “Should We Stop Talking About Our Achievements?

  1. I loved reading this! Women get so much hate for things, we should be supporting each other. I personally think it’s great when bloggers share their accomplishments because if you haven’t reached that one yet, you know who to ask for advice. Why would anyone cut that out!?

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    1. Exactly! I think some people cut it out because they experience more jealousy than others? Maybe it makes they feel pressure to do a certain something or feel bad because they aren’t achieving anything. Surely they’d use it as motivation?

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