Autumnal Photoshoot with Bryoni Burns.

I’ve recently taken to going on nature walks whenever I have a free day or when I am feeling particularly stressed out.

September came by pretty quickly and, for me, that means only one thing. IT’S ALMOST AUTUMN. Despite being born in June, I am a total autumn baby. I love everything about it, from the colourful leaves to the comfy jumpers.

The lovely Bryoni and I decided to venture to the outskirts of Winchester last Sunday to take some photos as the sun went down. Although it was sunny and not very autumnal, the photos we took were glorious and have an amazing orange hue to them.


3 thoughts

  1. Hey! I love your photos they’re so autumnal, i love autumn as well just all the colours. I love wearing comfy mustard ad creme jumpers with purple and brown scarves, just love wearing dark warm colours. Even though i’m a december baby i’m more fond of the autumn season. Keep it up with the amazing posts!

    Bandana | |

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