My Top Netflix Binges.

Netflix is my life, no lie. I’m always watching a show or a film whenever I’m bored, or even just listening to it as background noise when I’m working. I’ve really taken to a few shows on Netflix over the past few years, so I decided to share with you all what I binge on Netflix, whether it’s a rainy day or watching a few episodes before bed, these are my go-to watches.

When Riverdale first came out, I remember being instantly addicted. I saw so many of you on Twitter and Instagram raving about how good it was so I gave it a go and was hooked. Riverdale is one of my favourite go-to shows to watch, especially if I’m blogging and want something in the background. The characters are loveable and the storyline will have anyone wanting more. The second season was a little slow for me, taking me a while to get into it and, in all honesty, I’ve only just finished watching it all but I’m super excited for season three to come out.

Friends is such a classic show that anyone can watch. I first watched it a few years ago on DVD, praising Netflix for releasing all ten seasons a few months ago. Friends is a hilarious show that is relatable, despite the fact that it’s over twenty years old, and is full of scenes that will have you crying with laughter. Now I’m just waiting for Netflix to release all eleven seasons of Frasier and my life will be complete…


I heard so many good things about Pretty Little Liars, starting it on Netflix about four or five years ago, catching up very quickly after binge watching it whenever I could. It’s such an addicting show and, although it’s rather cliche with some silly reveals and over-the-top acting, it’s such an incredible little show, perfect for girly nights in.

If you haven’t seen Stranger Things you are MISSING out. It’s such an incredible and addictive show, perfect for anyone to watch. My dad absolutely loves it and so does my little sister. I love the old-school kind of feels, sort of like Super 8 vibes, and I definitely get that while watching this.

Orange is the New Black is a show for an older more mature audience. I started watching it when it first came out and, although the latest season made me lose a little interest, I still like to go back and binge watch the old shows, especially those from the first couple of seasons.

I never really watched The Great British Bake Off on TV but when Netflix released a few seasons, I became addicted very fast. I definitely under what all of the hype was about and am so inspired by some of the bakers and can’t wait to try my hand at baking once I have more time on my hands!


7 thoughts on “My Top Netflix Binges.

  1. I adore PLL and cannot wait for the new spin-off series to come out, The Perfectionists. You should definitely check out Suits if you haven’t already seen it, currently binge-watching it and it is so good! x

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  2. I love all of these! I definitely agree that friends will always be a classic go to no matter how long it’s been! I haven’t had the chance to start watching Riverdale yet but my sister in law raves about it!

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  3. I’ve watched almost all of these shows, except orange is the new black and stranger things. I have so many shows on my list right now, I’m waiting until these shows are finished before starting them. Great post Han xxx

    Melina |

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