Entering My Final Year At University.

Well, this is it. It’s almost the end of probably the biggest chapter of my life. My final year of education. As my third year of university approaches, I thought I’d write about my thoughts and feelings on the year to come, as well as what I am planning on doing in the next year.

I’m studying LLB Law at the University of Winchester and, as someone who doesn’t actually want a career in law, the idea of graduating seems quite daunting. I’ve never fully settled on what I want to do as a career but, surprisingly, I’m not feeling panicked or rushed. I know that my career and the vast amount of work experience I have, ranging from retail, to writing, to marketing, to administration, will open up a lot of doors for me, so I’m going to take every day as it comes and focus on doing whatever makes me happy.

This year is already proving to be a difficult year, what with my dissertation and the difficulty of the modules I’m going to be studying, I am planning on sticking to a strict routine which gives me time to study, work part-time, blog, and rest. So long as I stick to this, I know I’ll be alright. I have three hours of class on Monday, Tuesday and Friday, so I’m aiming to study on these three days, leaving the other four for work, blogging, chilling but still giving me time for more studying if needed.

The modules I am doing for my first semester are EU Law, Intellectual Property Law, and Family Law. The first is an exam, and the second two are coursework based. I am so much better at performing in essays than exams, but I’m planning on studying my butt off to get the highest grades possible this year. For my second semester, I am going to be taking Equity and Trusts, Child Law, and Criminal Justice. Again, the first is an exam and the other two are all coursework. I’ve already purchased study books for my first semester classes, costing only Β£9 each. I used these for my first and second year as well, finding that they are simple books with practice questions, giving you a good foundation to build on. I’m going to use library books and the internet for the rest of my research this year.

In terms of studying, I’m going to type up all my notes this year, as it’s a great way to save time and edit documents whenever you need to. I’ll be using flashcards to summarise or highlight key points, and I plan on printing it all out and placing them in separate wallets in my binder, so I can add little notes in each pack whenever I find something new. This way I can keep track of all my study material and have it all in one space. I can’t study on my laptop, so having it printed out will ensure that I limit the amount of time I am staring at a bright screen and give my eyes a break.

Before university starts on the 24th September, I want to sort out my room and my study area, get some more storage and little decorations to make me desk look a lot more appealing. I’m aiming on posting a lot of study pictures on my Instagram to motivate me to study, as well as to encourage other people to go and study too, allowing me to update my social media while still being productive. I’m hoping to create a schedule and stick to it, so I can still update my blog!

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