I popped into lush the other week for a consultation with a lovely young lady who spent a good forty-minutes chatting to my friend and I about their products, our current routines, and our skin type. It was very personal and I loved having the chance to speak to a professional and test a few products in the store.

One of the products that I tested was the catastrophe cosmetic mask, a fresh face mask made from blueberries, rose and almond oils to soften the skin. I managed to take away a little sample so I could try it out myself before buying it and I instantly fell in love. I suffer from rather dry skin and this hydrated my skin and made it feel incredibly smooth afterwards. It smells incredible and relaxed me greatly during a pamper session, listening to calming music and waiting for the mask to set.

I’ve tried a few lush face masks in the past without speaking to someone about my skin type, finding that the previous products I bought never worked well with my skin. I recommend speaking to someone before buying it as they are very welcoming and open to even talking and giving you a few samples to try. This means I’m not wasting my money on products that don’t work, giving me the chance to try something out before purchasing it.

What I absolutely love about lush is that their products are made from natural ingredients, so you know you aren’t putting anything harmful on your skin. As someone with sensitive skin, this is extremely important as I like to know what I am putting on my skin, and on the lush website, they list what products they use so you can research a product before trying it. Another plus side is that lush do NOT test on animals.

The little tester pot that I received was good for a fair few face masks, as I apply it only on my t-zone, cheeks and chin, as that’s where I need the most hydration, so it lasted a fair while and I really got to know the product.

What lush face masks do you use and what kind of skin type do you have?



  1. I have never bought any skin products from Lush or the Beauty Shop but I really should because I have heard so much about them! They can be on the costly side but I am guessing that they are well-worth the price and you know exactly what you are getting. xx

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