Bedroom Decorations.

I spend most of my time in my bedroom, whether I’m studying, blog writing, or even just chilling and watching movies, it’s the most important place to me and, because of that, I need to ensure that it’s extremely comfortable and homely.

Being in my final year at university means I have only a year left in temporary accommodation before I move into my own place. This is the third place I’ve lived in the past two years and I find that it’s important to decorate and make it your own, otherwise it feels as though you are living in a hotel.

I decided to share with you all the little decorations that I have in my room in order to personalise it and make it into a warm area that I love spending my time in. Let me know in the comments below what decorations you use to make your room, whether it’s at your home or university, your own.




My favourite decorations to use are fairy lights. I bought 40 for £2.50 in Primark, long enough to stretch around my bed so at night I’m all cosy. These are especially great during the colder months as they make my room feel a lot warmer and homely. I’m going to purchase a few more for around my corkboard and desk so I can watch Netflix in a cute Pinterest inspired room!

Having photos printed and hung up, whether it’s with friends, family, my boyfriend, or my dogs, definitely makes my room more personal. I love being able to have familiar faces smiling around me as, as someone who has anxiety and suffers from panic attacks, I just have to look at the photos and instantly feel myself calming down.

On my desk, I have a little cactus and my windowsill is currently home to a fake plant I bought from Sainsbury’s last year. I’m tempted to pop into IKEA and get a few succulents as they definitely bring life into any room and make it feel a lot more homely.

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  1. Your room looks so pretty! I think it is so important to surround yourself with your own things to make it feel like home, especially at University. I find plants to be so calming to have in my room as someone who suffers from anxiety.

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