Looking After Yourself At Uni.

I’ve written a post about the importance of self-care before yet I’ve never shared tips on how to actually do it. As a uni student and part-time admin assistant, I’m very busy, especially as I also run a blog and try to maintain somewhat of a social life, so it’s very important to keep yourself healthy while living away from home. I’m in no way a professional when it comes to advising you on how to look after yourself, but I’ve found the tips and tricks that make me feel good both mentally and physically.

Eat well
Some people believe that eating healthily is quite expensive and I don’t expect you to cut out chocolate from your diet, but having a balanced diet will fuel you with natural, slow-burning energy and help you through the day. I’m very tempted to write a few more foodie posts about recipes and healthy snacks you can eat during the day. I love having a lot of fruit in, as I much prefer fruit to veggies, but I still try and eat them every day as it definitely aids in me avoiding getting ill.

I’m not expecting you to all rush and join the gym because I doubt most of you have the money or the time to, so I recommend taking a long walk every now and then or even do a bit of yoga. Not only does this get you out of the house/flat/library for an hour or so, but exercising is a great way to keep fit. I walk to university and work, as well as into town a few days a week to meet friends or even just for a little air, it’s my favourite thing to do in my spare time.

It’s so important to get a good night sleep, especially if you have class the next day. I try and wake up at around 7:30 every day, even on my days off, just to keep a regular sleeping pattern. I tend to relax in bed a little but I like to be awake at least. I try and get around 7-8 hours sleep a night and I wake up feeling refreshed and energised. I’m very strict on my bedtime, using the bedtime setting on my phone to track how many hours I’m getting each night. (Quick tip: if you struggle with sleeping, NO caffeine after lunch)

Drink water
There are so many perks of drinking lots of water, from clearing your skin to improving your health, I drink a lot of water to avoid heavy migraines as I’m on a computer for university, work and blogging, so I like to keep well hydrated. I’ve seen such a vast improvement in my health since drinking water, limiting myself to three hot drinks a day and only drinking alcohol/soft drinks every couple of weeks or as a treat.

Everyone loves a pamper evening. Nothing beats coming hot after a long day of work to a hot shower and treating yourself to a facial or relaxing in bed with a nice candle lit. I barely have time to sit down but I always make sure I have time to do a skincare routine in the mornings and evenings.

I love nothing more than giving myself an evening off once a week, sitting in bed with lots of snacks and watching some Netflix or YouTube. No matter how busy you are, taking some time off and resting up is so important, both for your physical health and your mental health. Part of studying is letting yourself breathe and relax, otherwise, you are going to end up crashing and burning.

I started meditating about two years ago and, while I definitely neglect it and fail to do it every day, when I do it it really improves my mood. A lot of students suffer from anxiety and stress-related disorders, so taking the time to breathe and check how you are feeling will help you in the long run. I can never study when I am stressed and tend to waste hours trying. I always make sure I am cool, calm and collected before hitting the books as I am far more productive!

One thought on “Looking After Yourself At Uni.

  1. This is a great post. It’s so important we take care of ourselves while we’re at Uni, otherwise you end up feeling so rubbish. These are some really great tips, I’d love to start meditating

    Lon x

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