Sky Garden London.

I went to Sky Garden in London a couple of weeks ago with my boyfriend and his family and had such an incredible time, I am eager to get back to London again soon to do some more exploring!

I’ve always feared heights, so the idea of being in a tall building caused me to get a little nervous and apprehensive of our visit, though that was soon replaced with excitement and adrenaline when we saw it for the first time. It was a pretty windy and cold day, but I was bundled up in my warm jacket, a scarf and gloves.


Our reservation was at half past one, but we were permitted entry early as it wasn’t very busy and were lead straight into the main reception area, where we were to go through security. My zip caused the whole thing to go off and, mortified, I had to have one of those metal detecting machines run across me while my boyfriend watched me squirm in amusement. The security ended up letting me through after realising it was my zip, and we were directed straight into the lift that would take us up to the thirty-fifth floor.


The lift was incredibly fast and I kept my eyes glued to the floor, trying to focus on NOT throwing up and avoiding looking at the screen in the lift which showed us flying past each floor. It took a little under thirty seconds to get up there and I was eager to get off, as I also have a fear of confinement and hate being in lifts.


The view when we got out of the lift was incredible. We stepped out and walked over to the balcony area outside, taking lots of pictures and admiring the scenery. I’ve never seen London from high up before, despite visiting lots of times during my childhood, and snapped away at my camera, but also took some time to reflect and just gaze across the city.

They also offer a couple of restaurants and bars up there, although they are very pricey and I assume they are only used for very special occasions, so I can’t comment on those but if you have been, let me know in the comments below!


Overall, for those of you who are seeking something new and exciting to do in London, I highly recommend Sky Gardens. Not only is it the perfect place to take Instagram pictures, but it’s such an exciting and thrilling thing to do.

I’m hoping to travel somewhere in Europe at some point and can’t wait to share more adventures on my blog. I’ve never travelled before and am eager to grab my passport and get going!


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