Christmas Gift Guide.

Searching for that perfect Christmas gift can be incredibly stressful, especially if it’s for someone you love, so I decided to share with you some of my favourite websites to use when doing my Christmas shopping. As Black Friday is coming up next week, I’m going to be getting the majority of my Christmas presents then as, not only are there going to be incredible deals on, but it’ll get shopping out of the way so I can have a (somewhat) stress-free Christmas!

For all you beauty lovers out there, I can’t recommend Beauty Bay enough. I spent around half an hour scrolling through the app yesterday during my lunch break and, to my surprise, there are so many good deals on at the moment, ranging from high-end brands to cheaper brands. Not only do they sell incredible makeup palettes and perfect lipsticks, but they also have a wide variety of skincare including The Ordinary which, as you all know, I absolutely love. This website is incredible for main presents or even little stocking fillers. Beauty Bay has one section on their website called “boyfriends beauty guide”, so I recommend hinting to your other half to have a look on their website as it’s on the first page!

ASOS will forever be one of my favourite websites. Period. Not only is it adored by students all over the country who love to nab a cheeky 10% off but it also offers such a wide range of brands for you to have a look through. From high-street to high-end, it’s the perfect website to use for your Christmas shopping. I’ve already put a few things in my saved and, as you can see, you can get all sorts from ASOS. They do little gift ideas for both men and women, as you can see the Harry Potter egg cup caught my eye, as well as offering accessories, shoes and all the clothes you could ever need. 

I’m not a big gamer but my boyfriend is, so props to him for helping me with this next bit. For all of you looking for presents for gamers this Christmas, HMV is the place for you. Not only do they sell games but they also sell DVD’s, music, technology and merch such as posters and stocking fillers. I go here every year for my sister, picking her up a few small bits that I know she’ll love. I always get a mug for my tea each Christmas, usually, Harry Potter related as I’m a huge Potterhead, and each year I get this from HMV. My sister also collects Pop Vinyl and HMV offer such a wide range, from Stranger Things to Star Wars, it’s the perfect place to go! 

I’m desperately trying to get back into reading, so where better to go then good old Waterstones? I come from a family of readers, so we are always popping in and out of Waterstones around Christmas time. I know I’m going to be asking for a few bits from here this Christmas, including Carrie Hope Fletcher’s books and a few ones written by other bloggers. Waterstones also do really cute merch, again perfect as stocking fillers, and I’ve seen a few lovely journals which are a fab present for the New Year. 


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