My New Year Resolutions.

2019 is already promising to be a great year…

So much happened in 2018 that it feels almost impossible to try and top it but I’m going to try! I started my new job which I absolutely love, met some incredible people, decided to move in with my other half, got my first camera after wanting one for YEARS, had a lovely birthday in Brighton, saw Hamilton, Legally Blonde and Wicked at the Theatre, overcame a lot in terms of my anxiety and depression, and overall just had a really positive year!


1. Get out of my comfort zone

This is pretty much continuing on from my resolution from last year. I want to stop sitting comfortably in what I know and force myself to try new things. I want to put myself out there, accept more opportunities, travel, meet new people, and start growing my self-confidence. In 2018, I tried a lot of different foods, explored new places, got a new job etc so I want to continue pushing myself out of my comfort zone and experience everything there is to offer in the world!

2. Save, save, save!

Since I’m planning on moving in with my boyfriend this June and doing the whole travel thing for a while, I’m planning on saving up a little more. I’m pretty good with my money and already have a decent amount in savings, but this year I am vowing to work harder, picking up extra hours where I can, and putting it ALLLL into savings. I already have a list as long as my arm and a Pinterest board dedicated to little decorations we want in our new home.


3. Focus on my blog

I’ve spent the past month or so planning a few blog posts and shifting things around here on I’ve neglected it a little in the past as I’ve struggled to find the motivation to write but, for 2019, I’m planning on turning that around and posting more of what I love. I already have a few posts planned for the next month and I’m going to see how it goes in terms of engagement, reaching out to my readers and asking them what they’d like to see. Writing has always been a passion of mine so I’m excited to see where the New Year will take me.

4. Read more

I used to be a huge reader as a kid/teen, shutting myself up in my bedroom and reading for hours on end. Over recent years, I’ve been so busy with university that I haven’t had any time to read for my own enjoyment. I guess part of it is, if I’ve just read a lot for my course, why would I want to read more? I’m currently reading The Shining by Stephen King and am making sure I pace myself, though I want to see if I’ll finish it by the end of the month (I have a lot of deadlines so possibly not) I’ll see how it goes. Feel free to recommend books for me to read!

5. Cook more and eat healthily

I moved to university with absolutely NO cooking skills at all, living off pasta and frozen pizzas every week. Though I still eat a lot of pasta and frozen pizzas are my ultimate favourite thing, I’ve started cooking with veg and meat, trying new recipes each month and broadening my taste buds. I still opt for easier options as I am balancing university and work but I am aiming to be more healthy as my body always thanks me for it in the end.


6. Be positive

I’ve definitely overcome a lot recently in terms of my mental health, and this year I am aiming to be more positive and focus on what I love, rather than dwell on negativity. I want to start meditating and yoga again at some point, as it keeps me in tune with my body and how it feels. 2018 was definitely the year I became harsher on who was able to stay in my life. I distance myself from people who bring me negativity and surround myself with those who make me happy. I might not have a big friendship group, but I have a handful of people who I cherish more than anything.

7. Visit my family more

Between working and studying, I hardly had any time this year to pack a bag and visit my family. I visited home only four times this year, either for one week or just a weekend, and I definitely want to go back more often. I call my family and speak to them every day, but I miss just hanging around with my sister or going out with my dad, so that’s something that I’m aiming to change this year.


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