NARS Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation: Worth The Price?

Shopping is the best medicine.


A couple of weeks before Christmas, my best friend and I decided to pop to town to do a little shopping. After a few hours of wandering aimlessly around, we decided to grab a Starbucks. I sat by the window, as usual, observing all the people on the rainy highstreet, and spotted someone with a SpaceNK bag. I knew they were a high-end store and had never entered, as I pride myself on budgeting and spending only what I see fit but, after a quick snoop around their website, I spotted the NARS foundation, something I had wanted for a while. I heard so many good reviews and, as I am attempting to get more into makeup and use higher quality products, I decided to just go for it. I chugged the rest of my hot chocolate and we made our way to SpaceNK. In my defence, it was the day after payday and I always allow myself a little treat or two after I get paid, as I’m a HUGE saver!


Upon walking around the store for a little bit, I approached a member of staff who was extremely happy to help me. We took a seat and discussed my skin type, what I was looking for, and what I liked in a foundation. I don’t usually wear foundations but, recently, I’ve found that the cold weather leaves my skin looking very patchy and discoloured in places. If I do go for a foundation, I typically stick to a lightweight one, whereas the NARS natural radiant foundation is medium to heavy build, depending on how much you use. My shade is mont blanc and, after testing out the different types of foundations, I settled on this one!

This foundation matches my skin perfectly, leaving it looking flawless throughout the day and never drying, despite the fact that I suffer from dry skin. I mix it with a little bit out moisturising cream to hydrate my skin and find that it lasts for hours. I work in an office under bright lights and my skin stays feeling fresh all day. This foundation has a slight smell to it but it isn’t a terrible smell, more like a clean, fresh scent. The packaging of this little product is absolutely stunning and I even went out and bought a see through makeup bag so I could admire it on my desk.

Overall, though the foundation is pretty pricey at thirty-five pounds, I do recommend you buy it if you so desire. That being said, it’s only slightly better than the high street brands. This is the first high-end makeup I’ve purchased and, as a lover of bargains, I might be swayed to try a few other products if I feel like a treat every now and then.





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  1. I fully believe that splurging on your foundation is more important than anything. I’ve been on the fence of trying their foundations because all past experiences with many other brands – the pale color still isn’t pale enough for me and I’m also super oily!

    I tried Rihanna’s Fenty beauty and I’m in love with it. But I might have to give the NARS a try. Their concealers are amazing though.

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  2. I really want to try the NARS foundation. I’m a bit scared to order it online though without going to a store and getting matched because I just know I would order the wrong colour. I might look at getting some once my current foundation runs out. I quite like the NYX makeup at the minute xx

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