I’ve been planning the relaunch of my blog for months now, deciding what type of content I want to post and doing a lot of research into it. It literally PAINS me to say that this will all be put on hold for a while as I’ve broken my wrist.

img_1051I had a nasty fall on the fifth January which resulted in me basically crushing the little bones in my wrist and breaking them. It was extremely swollen and sore, and I am now left in a cast for six weeks. I have an MRI scan next Friday where I will be assessed and might be recommended surgery and have been advised to just rest it up as much as I can. I have an exam next week (great timing) but have luckily been given a laptop to type it up, extra time and rest breaks so I can pace myself and not cause any further injury to my wrist. I have rescheduled my end of January presentation to May as my dissertation is due in March and it’s going to take me forever to type it all up.

With regards to my blog, I was planning on updating every two days but, now that I’m mainly working with just one hand, it’s going to be whenever. I’m so devastated as I was really looking forward to getting stuck back into writing and creating a new little routine for myself. You have all sent me so many kind wishes on my social media and I can’t thank you enough. Everyone has been so supportive and, if you have ever broken a bone, you will know that it is SUPER painful and I feel so emotional and utterly helpless. I’ll still be posting on social media but please just bare with on the blog posting for the time being!

Sending lots of positive vibes!








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