Dear Diary: One Month To Go!

Love, Han xoxo (1)

Before I get started, I just want to apologise for the lack of blog posts this year. I started the year with a plan to post twice a week (which lasted for about four days), and between injuring my wrist and having a dissertation to complete plus balancing a relationship, a social life and a job, I had very little time on my hands to write. I like to give myself a lot of time to blog as I want to make sure I’m posting something of a high standard, hence why I haven’t posted anything.

I have a little over a month left at university and it’s becoming a rather emotional time for me. University has been an incredible experience (I’ll write a post when I graduate, I promise) and I’ve really grown as a person. Coming into university, I was a wallflower who wouldn’t say boo to a goose, and my family didn’t think I’d last the week as I was definitely a home bird. I’ve really seen myself develop and mature over the years and I am extremely proud of the woman I have become. I have accomplished so much and wouldn’t be who I am today without this experience. I pushed myself and forced myself out of my comfort zone, and I am so excited to see where the next few years bring me.

Before I finish, however, I still have so much to do. I have an exam and two presentations left mid-May, plus I get my dissertation grade back this week so I’m praying that goes well. I’m spending my days with my head stuck in a book studying as I’m going to Milan Saturday for five days so I’ll be having that time off to relax. I’m super excited to go away as I’ve never travelled before and have already got a few little trips planned, possibly going to Copenhagen for my birthday with my boyfriend in June.

I visited home last week for the first time since December and it was great seeing everyone. I really do miss my family when I’m away and, even though I am staying down here when I graduate, I know I’ll have a lot more free time on my hands to visit more often. My little sister has her GCSE exams soon so I’m wishing her a tremendous amount of luck, though I have no doubt she’ll smash it.

Anyway, I promise I’ll try and post more but once I finish university I’ll be able to develop a proper blog schedule. Keep an eye out on my Instagram and Twitter for Milan updates and I shall speak to you all soon!

Love, Han xoxo



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