Hello, there!

My name is Hannah Catherine, or Han, and I am a twenty-year-old lifestyle blogger, turning twenty-one on the 20th June. I’m currently in my second year at university studying LLB Law, as well as a freelance contributor for the popular site debut, a social media and editorial assistant, and a student fellow for my university.

I started this blog June 2017 and, in January 2018, decided to take a few months off to redesign and relaunch it into a little brand that I would be proud of. I always found so many flaws in my blog and, as it grew and allowed me to work with brands, I wanted to really spend time working on content, rather than posting randomly just for the sake of it.

I’m graduating in 2019 and have plans of studying my postgraduate in marketing. I grew up in London and really want to move to Brighton, as I feel like there are so many opportunities for bloggers and businesses. I’m super excited to take all of you on the journey with me!


In terms of content, this year I want to focus on lifestyle and studies, sharing my study tips and how I work under pressure. I’m using other bloggers as my influencers and want to start listening to requests from my readers as to what they want to read. Many of you want me to write more personal posts, allowing you to really get to know me and, while I’m still debating this, I feel like this would be both a good and bad thing. I don’t want to overshare too much but I feel like really knowing me would allow you to all properly understand me.

As I am so busy, I’m not going to put myself under pressure in relation to how much I post and when I upload. I want to do this regularly but feel like, if I give myself a time limit, I panic and don’t focus much on the quality of the content, simply wanting to just upload for the sake of it.

Thank you so much for reading my blog! Feel free to send me a message here or on my social media, links at the side. For business enquiries, please email itsactuallyhan@gmail.com.