About Me


Well, hello there!

I see you stumbled upon my little blog, so let me first introduce myself! My name is Hannah Catherine and I am a twenty-something law student, blogger and tea addict living in Hampshire, England. I am also currently working as an admin assistant, doing photography in my spare time as well as writing my own book.

I am a HUGE Potterhead and have been ever since I read the books as a little girl. I’m a proud Slytherin (we aren’t all that bad) and my sister is a Gryffindor. I absolutely love binge watching things on Netflix in my spare time, so feel free to recommend any shows/films for me to watch!


I use my little blog to share my love of beauty and fashion, as well as other lifestyle posts such as sharing stories from my life and tips on how to improve your health!

I have a history of suffering from depression, anxiety and an eating disorder, so mental health is very important to me. I often discuss it on my blog, raising awareness and offering support to those who are also dealing with it.

I will be graduating in 2019 from university, moving on with my life and getting my own little flat in Southampton. I am looking forward to having more time on my hands to blog and do what makes me happy, as my course is currently causing me a lot of stress but I’m managing!

Happy reading!