Hello, there!
My name is Hannah Catherine and I am a twenty-year-old lifestyle blogger at itsactuallyhan.com. At present, I am in my second year of university studying for my LLB Law degree. I’ll be graduating in 2019 with, hopefully, at least a solid 2.1.
After this degree, I am planning on gaining my LLM LPC Law degree, which will get me down the solicitor route.

In June 2017, I started this little blog as a hobby too keep me entertained during the dreary summer holidays. I have always been passionate about writing, and this blog allows me to do just that. Within three months, I managed to build myself a little audience and develop a successful blog that I am extremely proud of.

img_6900My blog focuses on a lot of different things. As a student, I post about my university experience as well as share my top study tips and general advice. I’m also planning on writing more day to day posts, sharing what I get up to on a daily basis as a law student juggling her studies with a part-time job, blogging, and (trying) a social life. As a beauty junkie, I post a lot of skincare and makeup posts. Recently, Superdrug were kind enough to send me a lot of beautiful makeup products to review, you can read that here and here.

As a young woman living in the world we live in, I also write a lot about body positivity, girl-on-girl hate, and how the media sexualizes women. I believe it to be important for women to feel empowered, confident, and to be successful.


When I’m not blogging or studying, I can be found reading, binge-watching Netflix, hanging out with my friends in the pub, or going for walks around town. I also love yoga and meditation and, since I was a little girl, writing my own stories. Who knows, perhaps I’ll try my hand at writing a short story at some point.

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Affiliate links are used throughout my blog meaning I earn a small commission if you purchase a product through my site, all money I receive gets put back into my blog to ensure it is the highest quality for all of you.
Photos are either mine or are copyright free.
I do get sent products but all opinions are entirely mine.